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I love the dove ornaments, Heja--they are just what I was looking for. Thanks!

I also like the idea of making a silhouette every year. I might just give it a try.

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. The ornament in the photo is from etsy and is linked in the question.

Ornament to Commemorate Baby's First Christmas
Good Questions

11/30/11 12:48 PM

My little one is a month away from her first real food and I'm chomping at the bit! We also fear a picky eater (we love our food around here), so we're hoping that she's game. Love the site and I will be back in May!

Meet Lauren and Matt of YumNums
Big Blog Family

4/14/11 08:04 PM

We have some of the "warm white" strands mixed in with incandescents on our tree and I honestly can't tell the difference. I am not a fan of the regular bluish white ones, though. They just don't look right to me.

Holiday Cheer: The Brightness of LED Lights
12/11/10 12:46 PM