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I will occasionally paint from the can (e.g., for touch ups), but normally pour paint from the can into a "cut cup" or other disposable container, or paint from the roller tray (if rolling). This reduces the risk of contaminating the paint in the can with dust or debris; prevents the paint in the can from drying out; and provides a surface to tap the brush to load the paint.

Practical Painting Tips Make for Half the Hassle | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/6/10 10:18 AM

Nice job. When stenciling an allover pattern in our bedroom, we found the most valuable tool to be a $50 laser level from one of the the big box stores. We used it to establish a grid on the wall, based on the stencil repeat, which we marked out with painters' tape.

How To: Paint A Wall Using A Stencil | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/30/10 01:03 PM

I can recommend the royal design stencils, and love browsing the stencil library (they have a collection of discounted stencils you can browse). I recently found cutting edge stencil, which is a good source for some modern/graphical stencils.

Where To Buy Stencils | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/5/10 12:46 PM

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. ValHalla, I have to agree with AndreaU, that is a beautiful piece of furniture. Did you refinish the wood as well? Also, if you’re in Philly (as your flickr name suggests), I’d be interested in knowing the reupholsterer you used.

Kristian, how much do you estimate quality fabric will cost? We’ve ordered samples from online retailers and have found several that we like in the $20-$30/yd range. We have also seen fabrics for twice this amount, and more.

Magnaverde, thanks for your thoughtful response. Part of our struggle is coming to terms with the timeline. if this were inexpensive or easy to do, it would take the pressure off to pick something adaptable and with longevity. I imagine the new upholstery may easily last 15 years or more, a horizon with which we don’t have much experience making design decisions. Are you suggesting that a damask is a good choice for sofas generally, or that it is likely to look better on this one because of the style of the sofa? If the former, aren’t there any other fabrics that have achieved “classic” status? I am thinking of some of the very large scale Marimekko patterns, which I think will continue to look good in another 20 years. My concern is that they are not as flexible when it comes to getting all the elements to lie down together.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Type of Fabric For This Sofa?
12/14/07 09:29 AM