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i have that ONA bag in the tan color and i LOVE IT. however, there is one "gotcha": the one leather handle is off center and does not allow you to carry it without awkwardly hanging to the side. despite this major design flaw, it's a solid bag.

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9/21/12 03:46 PM

cant forget this one from uhuru...


Reclaimed & Rustic: Furniture Made from Oak Wine Barrels
9/12/12 06:27 PM

speaking of photographing interiors...

AT, any updates on the home tour applications from a couple months ago?

Bethany Nauert's 5 Tips for Photographing Interiors Super Photo Magic School
8/24/12 08:20 AM

i haven't

We're Hiring: Tour Contributors Apartment Therapy Editorial Job Search
6/11/12 05:30 PM

i switched out all the fixtures in my rental and put the ones i took out in storage. i'll simply replace them when i move out.

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5/31/12 11:40 AM

lindsey adelman*

New from Roll & Hill: Blow by Lindsey Edelman & Rudi by Lukas Peet ICFF 2012
5/21/12 05:07 PM

the jacuzzi also looks much better with the cover taken off ; )

Before & After: A Dull Deck's Flower Power MakeoverBetter Homes and Gardens
4/18/12 04:37 PM

LOVE the layout! this apartment is amazing!

Jane's Open Plan Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 12:17 PM

as big as texas is, i'd like to see alaska!

United States of America Made Out of Cast Iron Skillets
3/7/12 09:23 AM

that marble countertop is incredible

Shannon's Soothing Mix of Styles
House Tour

2/23/12 03:26 PM

hahaha wait, a tv remote OUTSIDE on someone's porch is not conspicuous?!

Use an Old Remote to Hide Cash & Keys Real Simple
2/22/12 05:06 PM


Before & After: 100 Year Old Building Renovation Design *Sponge
2/22/12 02:13 PM

love the herringbone bring inside the fireplace. such a nice detail.

Before & After: 100 Year Old Building Renovation Design *Sponge
2/22/12 02:13 PM


+1 !

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/2/12 04:48 PM

i can see stacking up the square ones, but simply wrapping a jute band around a pile of random baskets is not a good look.

DIY IKEA Nasum Basket Shelving
Livet Hemma

2/2/12 02:37 PM

if you're presenting a project in a public domain, especially in one such as AT, you need to be prepared for both positive and negative comments. jeeze. take everything with a grain of salt and allow people to speak their minds!

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/1/12 02:49 PM

ouch, reading some of these posts is really depressing!

Object Lust: What's Your Gem That Got Away?
2/1/12 01:45 PM

need to be registered to read about le corbusier : (

Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" Touring U.S. in 2013
Design News 01.30.12

1/30/12 01:19 PM

this does look great. however, i spot a couple of bubbles in the wallpaper. that would drive me crazy!

Lizzie's Wallpapered IKEA Lack Table
Pretty City Things

1/30/12 10:36 AM

it's sad to see numerous comments censored by AT. while i've never been censored here, i believe that what makes this site so appealing is that it is a forum for a community interested in design to sound-off and express their opinion. if this means they don't like what they see, then so be it. i wish the commenting feature of this site was much more advanced. allow replies to specific posts, and provide a rating system for specific comments. if a comments gets rated below a certain number, it gets censored (with or without the option to show it).

Kristy's Lovely Bedroom + Workspace
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1/27/12 01:49 PM