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The mobile is from Mountain Baby and the glider and ottoman is from Sears.

Noah's Bright & Airy Space My Room
12/6/12 12:59 AM

The wall colour is Froth from Beauty Tone and it is a great match for ikea white.

Noah's Bright & Airy Space My Room
11/27/12 04:43 PM

Spend a little more money and get a readymade frame with glass and have a custom framer cut a mat to fit your poster. While your at it have them cut some foam core backing too. Hinge your poster from the top of the mat using a little scotch tape it's better then masking tape and much cheaper then framers tape. You'll save yourself money by assembling yourself but be sure to clean glass well. Save the frame you have for a poster you don't care about or donate it.

Advice for Mounting Poster?
Good Questions

2/3/12 01:07 AM