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I love the colors and simplicity.

Grayson's Knoxville Nursery My Room
7/21/14 06:09 PM

Popcorn ceilings are pretty crazy too. I am just waiting for them to come back in style so I can tell everyone how ahead of the game I was.

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/11/14 03:46 PM

Quirky, fun, lovely.

Hattie's \"Scandinavian Cool\" Bedroom My Room
7/11/14 10:38 AM

@Kerrie @ Wild Mae - Did you like the result of using the kit and how much time did it take? I painted mine about 4 years ago and they are already peeling around the handles and look terrible and I have been wanting to redo them. I hate sanding too so this is an appealing option. I also like the furniture kit because of the color options so good to know that works for cabinets too.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?
7/3/14 05:49 PM

I am planning a black and white big girl room for my almost 2 year old right now. Great inspiration!

5 Bold Black & White Nurseries
7/1/14 11:54 AM

This is beautiful. I would love to spend some time here and it looks like your adorable dog agrees!

A California Patio Exploding With Pattern & Color Professional Project
6/30/14 12:10 PM

I love the book case! Great colors and an overall happy, fun vibe in this room. Well done!

A Modern, Beach-y Nursery Professional Project
6/27/14 12:10 PM

What a helpful and interesting post! Everything looked wonderful, thanks so much for sharing!

A DIY Wedding Reception for 200 Gatherings from The Kitchn
6/18/14 05:09 PM

What a fun room! I love all of the colorful vintage touches and the beds, of course, are beautiful.

Johnny and Freddie's Cozy Collected Shared Room Kids Room Tour
5/29/14 04:20 PM

So charming and lovely. What a great home you have.

Gigi's Candy-Colored London Cottage House Tour
5/29/14 02:02 PM

Beautiful room. I love the garland and the curtains. It is very sweet.

Gemma's Golden Confetti Room My Room
5/29/14 11:22 AM

I love cardamom and find I don't use it very often. I will definitely be giving this a try. I do love heating up milk in a sauce pan and adding vanilla extract and adding it to coffee so adding a little cardamom and cinnamon sounds wonderful.

9 Surprising Things to Add to Your Coffee (Beyond Cream & Sugar) Smart Coffee For Regular Joes
5/27/14 11:41 AM

This is a staple in our freezer. We also get the frozen ginger cubes, basil and cilantro. So great to use when you are whipping something up and don't have fresh herbs on hand or don't feel like chopping.

Why You Should Buy Frozen Garlic
5/23/14 11:46 AM

I love your exterior paint colors! Can you tell us what color the exterior and door is?
I love the mix of modern and old. Your house is very unique, thank you for sharing!

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/15/14 04:18 PM

This is a lovely, sweet, fun room. Those hot air balloons are adorable. I just really like the happy vibe this room gives and Miss Carolyn looks like she loves it.

Carolyn's Sky Blue Bedroom My Room
5/15/14 11:49 AM

I love the bright colors and the high shelf. This is a very happy space!

Ben's Chipper, Cheerful Nursery Professional Project
5/14/14 01:04 PM

@MattMV I was thinking the same thing, they would make great plant stands. Kid seating too!

Backyard On A Budget: 5 DIY Outdoor Seating Refresh Ideas
5/14/14 01:01 PM

I am pregnant with number two and I haven't been sure how to handle whether or not to have a shower for him or. I am sure I will have something, but it will probably be a more low key affair. I feel that the birth of a second child is still something to celebrate. However, I too have most things that I need with few exceptions but people still want to buy something for number two. I never thought of a shower providing only the necessities for a baby though. With number one I registered for both what we needed and what we wanted and received both as well as a bunch of stuff we didn't need or want! People want to buy gifts regardless of what it is and something like a pouf the child can have fun using so I don't see anything wrong with that. If you don't though, just stick to more practical things.

4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery
5/12/14 03:53 PM

That walnut dresser is fantastic. If I was to be able to afford it though, it would be in MY room! I love the overall theme for this room. Indeed some of the items are quite pricey but it gives you an idea of the items you would need to pull this look together. I don't feel these posts are necessarily intended for one to go out and purchase every one of the items, but it gives you inspiration. Less expensive substitutes can be found for a similar look.

Kids Room Style Board: To the Moon and Back
5/9/14 11:41 AM

I love this! Bright, colorful, happy:)

Bunk Up On A Budget: A Room for 2 Kids For Less than $900
5/9/14 11:37 AM