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I have a cookbook called "Small Batch Baking" by Debby Nakos that I'll occasionally turn to when I'm in the mood to bake but don't want the temptation of leftovers. I haven't tried a lot of the recipes (there's one for baklava that seems like a lot of work for 2 servings) but it's fun make one or two big oatmeal cookies, or teeny fruit cobblers, or an itty bitty pound cake every now and then.

Keeping Sweets in the House
Cooking for One

3/1/12 12:32 AM

@FALLINGUP, we bought a house built in 1972 with a small conversation pit in front of the fireplace and one of our first remodeling jobs was to fill it in! I guess it's an interesting idea if you have the room, but it killed the flow in our living room and served very little purpose. Some of our neighbors still have their original conversation pits, though. They say their grandkids love to play in them.

Conversation Pits: Time for a Comeback!
2/1/12 06:06 PM

Does anyone know if this will work with clementines? We have some that are a little sour but smell great. And they would look so cute on the tree.

Pomanders: a Festive Smelling Family Craft
12/7/11 02:11 PM

Was also going to suggest a Mahalo uke. We have a pink one and it's a hit!

A Good Toy Guitar
Good Questions

9/2/11 02:01 PM

Would love to hear thoughts on using this book as a starting point for discussions with kids about wealth and poverty, social justice, cultural differences, etc. If anyone has read the book, what age child might this be appropriate for?

Where Children Sleep
James Mollison

8/10/11 02:34 PM

In elementary school, we took a factory tour of the Philip Morris cigarette factory in my hometown. And we got souvenir pens with all the cigarette logos on them. That is one of my more hilarious 'how times have changed' memories. But factory tours that are actually kid-appropriate are a great idea.

Low-Cost Day Trip Idea: Factory Tours

7/29/11 11:58 AM

The scarecrow is adorable! May be stealing that idea for our garden.

A Yard for All Ages in Virginia
My Great Outdoors

6/30/11 12:20 PM

The lighting around the lower cabinets kickplates in the picture is... interesting. At my house that would simply highlight all the crumbs that collect there.

Kitchen Designers Predict Trends for 2011 and Beyond
5/26/11 05:28 PM

The Ryan's Room dollhouse furniture is really great. We bought several rooms for my daughter's birthday. I love the simple look and solid feel.

Therapy Doll Houses
5/20/11 11:39 AM

The dressed up high chair is a nice touch. Very cute.

My Party: Isla
Pensacola, FL

4/19/11 07:37 PM

Gorgeous! I grew up in Richmond and it's wonderful to see the Fan represented in AT. I'm a Fan fan.

Linda Lewis's Kitchen Renovation
Professional Project

1/20/11 01:17 PM