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Ha! This is my weekend goal! One dresser, a book case and a sofa table....hopefully goodbye very soon.

Decluttering Idea to Consider: Letting Go of Leftover Furniture
4/20/14 12:06 PM

I didn't even read your concerns before thinking "YES!" You'll sort out the color.

Do I Love this Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough? Good Questions
3/25/14 08:36 AM

Light source for cover photo?!?! Yes, please?!?!

For Your Inspiration: 11 Stylish Industrial Kitchens
3/5/14 08:36 PM

If it is aesthetics, just treat your carpet like you would a similar color tile. Get a rug that contrasts, both texturally and visually. If you have tiny flecks in the carpet for depth, get a rug with a large pattern. Since the carpet is berber, try a rug like in the picture, with an interesting texture. I think they key is to look intentional to make it look good. Buy the same rug you would buy if you had your dream floors. Also, that way you have the rug if the dream floors ever happen to show up.

Of course, if you are buying large area rugs, you may consider the price comparison against a new floor. Maybe you can't get the highest quality floor in the world, but there are plenty of other floors (I'm looking at my own snap-lock "wood" floors right now) that wear well and look good.

Are Rugs on Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Really that Bad? Good Questions
3/4/14 09:36 AM

Ugh, I need this today. I'm thinking dinner will be cereal and scrambled eggs. It's probably too late for eggs benedict, but maybe tomorrow.

How Eggs Benedict Helped Me Bust Out Of My Cooking Rut Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
2/19/14 07:42 PM

Pink. Hopefully it will pull out the pink in the sofas, so it will do double duty brightening the room.

Suggestions for a Colorful Coffee Table? Good Questions
2/7/14 02:38 PM

Another wife-of-audiophile here. DO NOT buy the card catalogs if you have that many CDs. I have 3 of those and they are just obnoxious, not large enough, and things never get put back where they belong. Maybe they are awesome for those with smaller collections and who aren't constantly using their CDs, but they don't work for me.

Now I'm going to go back and read the rest of the comments and see if anything will work with our ~2,500 CDs and hundreds and hundreds of records.

Ideas for Storing 1000 CDs in Super Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/10/14 06:35 PM

Call the police. When they are screaming at each other, call the police. I assume they do this at night when no one is in the apartment management office to break it up immediately. I called the police when a screaming neighbor threatened his girlfriend and their relationship ended. My friend was in an abusive relationship and the thing that pulled her out was someone calling the police on their screaming matches. Call the police.

What Can I Do about Neighbors' Screaming? Good Questions
9/10/13 08:29 AM

I also agree with mandoos02's comment. If I eat chicken at home, my husband and I usually each 2 pieces each. I learned from my eclectic dessert table that people will definitely want to try one of everything, for a variety of reasons including not being sure what they will like, wanting to taste everything offered, or just being starved because the eating schedule gets thrown off due to unforeseen circumstances.

How Much Food Should I Make for a Wedding Reception for 200 People? Good Questions
6/13/13 04:23 PM

We handed out noise makers at our wedding. Not to throw, of course. It was a great, noisy send-off. The photos are great with people holding tiny, neon swirling, banging and clicking toys with puffed-up cheeks blowing into different kinds of whistles and kazoos.

Against the Grain: Alternatives to Throwing Rice at Weddings
6/13/13 04:04 PM

I agree with the other posters who are saying to play with your lightbulb brightness and warmth, first. You sound like you are open to doing more upgrades, so why don't you look at the floor, first? A cooler tone on the floor, even a bright tone, might change the mood of the room. AT had a beautiful, oversized, painted faux bois floor in a kitchen once. Maybe that would be a pattern that reads a neutral, but allows you to play with pattern in an interesting way?

Kitchen Color that Works with Terrible Lighting? Good Questions
5/13/13 08:20 PM

Ugh, I guess I am the only chemist who finds this DISGUSTING! I know it's just a brain block, but I have been in too many labs for this to be ok. We once went to a restaurant where they served our water in beakers. I asked for a glass (they had none, I eventually got a wine glass for my water) because every time I took a sip my stomach turned.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Lab Beakers In the Kitchen
5/9/13 08:18 AM

Our network name and password are titles of books in our house. When guests come over, we try to remember to put the books on the coffee table when they ask. No crawling under furniture to get to the password.

A Quick and Easy Wi-Fi Password Reminder Solution
3/19/13 03:35 PM

My biggest budget and time saver has been to shop on my lunch break. The grocery store by my job is MUCH nicer than the one nearest my home. I build a list over time of things we run out of, and the night before I shop I think hard about 3-5 meals I want to make and add those ingredients. My list is mostly very detailed, with the only wiggle room being for sale items and produce (I try to buy the cheapest, in-season stuff), and I put it in the same order as the store. When I go on my lunch break there are fewer people, and I have a very specific time allotment (get to the store, shop, check-out, get back to work, and shove my perishables in the work fridge in under an hour). Once every few months I will go to a specialty store and take a long time to browse and think about all of the possibilities, but the regular shopping is quick.

Now my biggest problem is that I have been trying to incorporate coupons I find more into my shopping, but often the coupons require me to waste extra time searching for the specific product. It has brought the bill down a little more, and introduced a little more variety in our lives, but I haven't gotten it to be FAST like before.

5 Tips for Smarter Grocery Shopping
3/19/13 03:15 PM

Well, yes. WIth an awesome story like that, I will add his blog to my greader. Congratulations, Joshua!

From School Bully Target to Teen Blogger: Meet Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate
2/28/13 08:15 AM

I think they can be a necessary evil. We have a bench at our bar, and 6 chairs around our table. If more than 6 people come to dinner, the bench gets moved to the dining table for additional seating. The bench at the bar is ok for my husband and me for weeknight dinners, but we would prefer bar stools. Too bad there isn't enough space for 2 bar stools and the bench is more compact. I think, as uncomfortable as they can be, people understand that no one keeps banquet seating available in their homes, so you need to be understanding about the seating arrangements when a lot of people are eating,

Should I Buy Dining Benches Instead of Chairs? Good Questions
2/26/13 08:20 AM

The Barrington chair at World Market, but the leather won't be nearly as plush. WM has a 25% off coupon for their rewards members this weekend, too.

Have you checked out if there is a Rowe furniture dealer near you? Rowe used to manufacture PB items, so if you found one of their dealers you could find a lookalike for a deep discount.

More Affordable Alternatives to Pottery Barn's Turner Chair? Good Questions
11/30/12 07:08 PM

It seems somehow....dated and gaudy.

Modern Thanksgiving Tabletop Inspiration: Natural Accents, Lucite & White
11/6/12 07:12 PM

Hmmm, I think this is some of the best food writing I have read. I love fried chicken livers (what can I say, I'm from the south), like the cheap deviled ham my dad buys, but haven't liked the duck liver pate I have tried in the past. The article really makes me able to wrap my head around the idea of chicken liver pate. This description makes me think I'm buying a pound of chicken livers next time I go to the store.

Recipe: Chicken Liver Pâté with Sage, Apple and Thyme Recipes From The Kitchn
11/6/12 07:11 PM

Latkes and fried eggs. That NPR interview with Deb of Smitten Kitchen made me so hungry.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 3-4, 2012
11/2/12 07:31 PM