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Joining the chorus; wish we had seen these comments before we attempted to order a pair of end tables from West Elm.

So far we've returned three of them.

One had a 1.5 inch difference between the bottom legs, so the whole thing rocked violently back and forth -- THUNK-THUNK. THUNK-THUNK. -- great for lamps, laptops, and drinks, as you can imagine. West Elm proceeded to offer us 15% off to keep it. Funny; that's less than the 20% sales with which they regularly flood my inbox. Needless to say, no discount was worth such a worthless piece of furniture. Back it went.

The second table arrived, and we discovered we couldn't even attach the table top to the legs, because the holes for the screws were misaligned by several inches. Back it went.

The third arrived. This one worked. Huzzah. But we still don't have a pair...

The fourth arrived. The metal legs were all of different lengths, causing the supposedly rectangular end table to resemble a wonky parallelogram both in the base and the height. It was so off-kilter that we couldn't have installed the top if we had wanted to. This would work well in a Salvador Dali painting but not our living room. Back it goes...

Waiting on the fifth. They won't send you a replacement until they receive the old one back, so we've had to wait approximately a month between returning each defective one, and receiving the new (usually defective) piece. Wash rinse repeat. After we have our pair, never again ...

It is interesting that customers cannot leave feedback on products on the West Elm website.

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11/29/13 01:37 PM