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@Mrs.Mack - when I make them, I only butter one side of the bread. I cut the middle part out with a drinking glass while I let a little butter melt on the griddle. Then I place the bread, un-buttered side down, on it.

I crack the egg in the middle and let it cook for a bit. Then I flip it so the buttered side is down. This way, both sides get buttered, it's less messy, and the egg doesn't stick. =)

Egg in a Basket from Joy of Oh Joy!
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4/6/11 10:22 AM

$475 for that? It's a very cool idea, but I could build it myself for much cheaper. =)

The EcoGrow Herb Barn
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3/29/11 12:46 AM

I have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and have nothing but good things to say about it. The attachments work great, I love that it's bagless, and it really gets the job done (I can't believe how much hair and other stuff fills the canister every time I vacuum)!

My mom has an older model of the Pet Hair Eraser that she's had for quite a few years now; she's never had any problems with hers either.


The Best Vacuum Cleaners
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2/17/11 09:38 AM