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If you have a fixed gear bike, be careful of a free-spinning rear wheel, regardless of storage system. You can chop the tip of your finger off (or a kids finger if they go poking around) in the cog - since there's no stop or reverse function like with a freewheel.

Park It: Small Space Bike Storage Solutions
9/10/12 01:34 AM

Nice place! Is that an original finish on the ebonized Mathsson chair? I've never seen one in that color.

Carol's Architectural Home in the Hills House Tour
7/18/12 06:33 PM

First of all, your music fans must have been talking about the Pitchfork Festival.

Second, once ideas, music, or design is at first original and clever, but then cycles through an intense process of mass production, circulation, and conspicuous consumption, then its original cleverness becomes buried by reproduction.

Design Hipsterism?
Why Do We Stop Liking What's Popular?

7/18/12 12:38 PM

Good advice thus far. I would only add - walk instead of Metro. Its often not that far - and is there a better city to walk in and let the kids take in the sights? During a month stay in Paris last summer I took the Metro once on my first day and walked after that. Lots of great playgrounds to explore. Dog shit is everywhere in Provence, though - so watch your step and stroller tracks.

Help My Family with Toddling around Paris? Good Questions
4/24/12 05:30 PM

Diagonal sofa in a small space - that takes some guts

Sarah & Max's Coffee Cup Rule Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 07:18 PM

Home Tour, please. Great collection of art and vintage pieces (detractors of mid-century "style" need to get back to watching HGTV - this is a collection).

Matt's Well Curated Collection Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 02:55 PM

Correction to the author: The ironic sales of Kinkades has spiked. Its a big difference. I'll bet all the sales are to Williamsburg, BKLYN.

Sales of Kinkades Spike Like Never Before Design News 04.11.12
4/11/12 05:03 PM

We have a drop-leaf table from Paul McCobb that is really handy, folded down when we want the practicality and feeling of more room.

Almost any vintage modern store will have a Danish drop-leaf table, often becoming very narrow (think 8 inches), like the Larsen design. BTW, that mirror table is pretty rad, although I can't imagine using it much.

Folding & Expanding Tables Small Space Solutions
4/3/12 11:19 AM

Sweet Marantz and Rock Lobstah. Must be fun to ride in GG Park during CX season. Nice dude's apartment.

Bill's Story-Filled San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/28/12 05:23 PM

This room would be so excellent without a TV, and with a nice stereo.

OK - float all furniture. I'd put two lounge chairs (perhaps with ottomans) angled inward on the left side (under a window?), then leave the space in front of the fireplace open with a nice rug in front and some floor pillows, then create a conversation area to the left, with a sofa running parallel to the right wall (again, floating), with a small coffee table and two small lounge chairs to complete a small conversation area - think Eames LCM or vintage Larsen "penguin" chairs or something to that effect.

The right side is kind of closed off anyway, so keep the left side lighter with lounge chairs. If you must, and if there's a wall around the stairwell facing the living room, hang the idiot box on that wall over a credenza.

Help With Layout of Open Floor Plan?
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3/23/12 12:58 PM

Oh, yea. No Disney.

My Favorite Children's Books
Maxwell's Finds

3/22/12 02:34 PM

Elsa Beskow rocks. The illustrations are lovely, but its the language and cadence that I enjoy. The ragamuffin weeds in A Midsummer's Party are my girls' favorite. "What Happens on Wednesdays" by Emily Jenkins/Lauren Castillo is my all-time favorite to read with my 6 year old.

My Favorite Children's Books
Maxwell's Finds

3/22/12 02:32 PM

This is great - and a welcome move. Its only marketing (all the theme sets are still available - I've never seen this horrendous girl stuff). Luckily, the big box of Legos in our house are from basic sets (and some space sets) from the 70s and 80s. My 6-year old daughter loves them, and we just built a street scene together:

The more basic, the better - lets kids fill in their own world.

Minimalist LEGO Ads Return to Their Origins
3/22/12 10:58 AM

If you have an Eichler or an original mid-century modern with exposed plank ceilings or original mahogany veneer walls - don't paint over them! Or at least think twice about it. It will decrease the value, and move away from the originality of the design (and be a royal pain, in not impossible, to restore). Just look at old Shulman photos of case study houses and be thankful yours hasn't been altered.

60s and 70s full-wall paneling can be difficult to look at, though. I'd imagine its because the trend negatively inhabits many of our memories. Just imagine the reaction to granite counters in 15 years..

Wood Paneling: The 60s Favorite Is Back
3/21/12 07:08 PM

Looks like a great house, but I can't really see it (as others note - mostly photos of stuff). Maybe add some wide-angle photos of the rooms while the post is still current? I'd like to see more of the sofa - I believe its the Nelson design from Modernica. Looks great, from what I can see.

Suzy's Whimsical Mid-C Modern Home House Tour
3/5/12 07:02 PM

Its been said, but I am compelled to comment - fix the mirror.

The best place for a TV is in an extra bedroom with a comfortable sofa (maybe a pull-out which can serve double duty as a guest room) - if you've got the space. Living spaces should be built around conversation, reading, music listening, and drinking wine. Add a TV, if you must, in the most hidden way possible.

Designing a Warm & Charming TV Area: 3 Ways to Make it Happen
2/28/12 03:19 PM

Night - look for vintage Danish modern pieces - they're everywhere, and quite cool. For those "tired" of the "MCM" "trend," just look to the next trend and leave it be as an authentic and situated way of living for those who enjoy its flexibility and simplicity.

Resources for Outfitting Your Home with a Vintage Look — New and Used
Weekend Guide

2/25/12 07:22 PM

This is great. Its perhaps especially helpful to the commentators on AT who have "grown tired" of vintage modern "style" or can't look at another "mcm" room, or don't like two many period pieces because it looks like a "museum." These designs - from the furniture to the pottery and enamel work - arrive from the California experience, and serve as something of an endemic aesthetic for lots of native Californians.

A Conversation About California Design at Mid-Century Curator Wendy Kaplan / The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2/22/12 06:41 PM

For academics and researchers, the ability to return to books for reference purposes is part of the work. We have a 4th bedroom that we're using for a library/study, and its pretty darn useful. I'd love a space purpose-built as a library.

Restful Repositories: 10 Charming Home Libraries
2/20/12 06:44 PM

I dunno - its really fun to buy vintage. Plus, you can sell it for (usually) what you bought it for - or more. To be honest, its hard to give "new" stuff away. Try to resell a Macy's sofa on Craigslist and see who comes to get it. When buying vintage, you can always trade stuff out. Over the course of a year, we found lots of vintage pieces for our house and its been fun. Sofas are more challenging than chairs, storage, and tables. Ours is new:

Get the Look: Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern Living Room Weekend Shoppers' Guide
2/18/12 12:40 PM