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We LOVED the backwards seat, with our feet hanging down the back roll-down window! My husband remembers taking a trip from Utah to Arkansas with all the brothers and sisters in the back of pickup truck with a topper. All just hanging out back there.

Confessions of a Jump Seat Traveler
7/21/11 12:26 PM

Our IKEA doesn't have the car carts, but I think I'm okay with that. I hate using them at the grocery store. My secret confession is that I use Smaland as my last resort reprieve when I can't handle the kids anymore. A 25-minute drive to IKEA for an hour of quiet and design inspiration does the trick everytime!

Bring The Kids to IKEA
6/1/11 04:12 PM

Such useful advice! I'm in the very beginning stages of my first at-home work project right now and am encouraged that it's possible to do with kids in tow.

Stuck In The Middle With You: Tips for Working at Home with a Child
4/5/11 01:48 PM