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Top a desk with glass with the patches under the glass

Ideas To Save & Display Patches
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9/2/11 11:08 AM

Corelle is really great, but if you buy new make sure to get the vitrelle version and not the livingware line which is not the strong tempered glass that is so difficult to break.

Best Unbreakable Dishes for Outdoor Eating?
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5/12/11 11:46 AM

I agree with bepsf. This is like a large salad spinner. You can get a small unit that plugs in and does all the agitation for you for about half the cost.

The Laundry Pod: A Realistic Small Space Solution?
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3/9/11 12:14 PM

There are also a couple available from hsn:

$50 http://home-decor.hsn.com/ashton-sutton-gold-sunburst-mirror_p-6260129_xp.aspx

$46 http://home-decor.hsn.com/ashton-sutton-starburst-mirror_p-6259527_xp.aspx

Ask And You Shall Receive: Starburst Mirrors
2/18/11 11:24 AM

Those pens are beautiful!

Stocking Stuffers for Her

12/15/10 04:34 PM

These "Invisible English Plate Hangers" are awesome, and I think they'd work on a mirror.

Nice Looking Clips to Hang Round Mirror?
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12/8/10 05:07 PM