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Personally I agree with Heather Greene, whiskey should be enjoyed straight, either neat, or with a touch of water, or with a cube of ice. Whiskey mixed drinks are for inferior whiskeys like Jack Daniels.

My personal drink of choice is Irish whiskey, neat. Best I can do at the bars in my city is Jameson, which is over priced and over marketed. Most of the time the bottle is older and you can taste that the whiskey has been sitting opened for a while. It's a funny flat taste.
My favorite is Powers Irish and I've started seeing it a bars around town, which almost made me dance a jig.

I've learned to order it with a tone in my voice that stops any bartender correcting me or questioning my order, but it doesn't stop friends, my mother, and acuantences from being surprised that a women would drink it straight.

Super glad to hear that there is a Women's Whiskey Club. It's about darn time!

Expert Interview: Heather Greene on Women & Whisky
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

10/7/11 09:15 PM

Red Velvet: Velvety textured, red tinted yellow cake with a hint of cocoa flavor, frosted with cream cheese frosting.

Having a Red Velvet that is done RIGHT can be a life changing experience, unfortunately, most cakes sold as Red Velvet are simply yellow cake mix with red food coloring, and are absolutely not worth anyone's time.

Making it the right way is just as easy as the wrong way, but finding a recipe for the right way is really difficult.

My guy LOVES red velvet, and his enjoyment of the cake has always had to do with the texture. I've had success in getting a red tint
by using a non-alkalized cocoa (the way the original cakes would have been made). It reacts with the baking soda and creates a burgundy color in the cake. Not RED by any means but reddish...

Red Velvet Cake Conspiracy! Plus a Modern Dye-Free Recipe
Gilt Taste

10/5/11 02:44 PM

It's best to treat the bulbs like a toxic substance and recycle them at the appropriate site. IKEA has a place to recycle them and so do some Home Depot. They should NEVER be thrown in the trash.

How to Clean Up a Broken CFL Bulb
8/26/11 04:13 PM

When we moved to Sacramento from Chicago I was struck by the strange mix of architecture in the downtown/Midtown area, as well as the lack of buildings of any historical or architectural value...

I've recently learned that in the 60's and 70's fabulous theaters, hotels, businesses and historical mansions were torn down. They replaced the mansions with parking lots and state buildings (most of which are empty now), and we are left with only 3. The 2 and 4 unit apartment buildings from the 1800's-1940's, and more than half of the craftsman (including homes designed by FLW) single story and two story homes were demolished to have nasty tiny, multi-unit apartments put in their place.

It took the loss of the Alhambra Theatre to finally start a preservation movement. Developers are a dirty word here. They will tear something down, rather than revamp it into something new.

I personally feel that a landmark is what makes the city special, once it's gone, there's no getting it back. Could you imagine San Fran without the painted ladies or NYC without the Chrysler building?

My suggestion about the cost is to charge a tax for the preservation of the Historical landmarks. If you charge a tax for the upkeep of sports arenas and infrastructure why not for landmarks?

When is a Local Landmark Worth Saving?
6/16/11 02:14 PM

The white bed is an antique but it's ruined now. You mentioned that it was a dark brown when you bought it and I'm assuming you mean that it was "painted"? Shame on the painter.

Tyler & Sarah's Primitive Modern Retreat
House Tour

3/2/11 10:43 PM

Curious how comfortable those loveseats are.

Before & After: Stage One of Liz & Chris' "Transitional" Renovation
2/17/11 12:22 PM

You said that the couch was custom built by Country Chair in Hickory, NC. Is there a website or link?

Allison's Playful Chinoiserie Modern
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11/23/10 12:25 PM