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I rented the Goat Patrol yesterday--no lie. The goats were great. Friendly. Hardworking. Laid-back. It's a sweet thing.

Herds for Hire: Rent Goats to Manage Invasive Weeds
6/21/11 04:48 PM

I feel compelled to chime in on the asbestos danger. I lost someone I loved to it. Don't chance it. Test it. Your state gov't can hook you up with a testing company. Wet small piece--make sure it's wet, so you don't make dust--chip off a corner, and mail it in to be tested. Then, no matter what you decide to do, you'll know you're safe.

How To Remove Plaster Detailing On Ceiling?
Good Questions

2/10/11 09:56 PM

Which Ikea counters did you get? The birch or the oak? I'd like to do the same thing, and want my counters to look exactly like yours. I'm even contemplating a trip to Askew Taylor (from all the way over in Chapel Hill).

Before & After: Amy & Chad's Kitchen Update on a Budget
1/18/11 11:47 AM