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In her directions, she says to "sew a hem all the way around." Is that truly a hem (with the edges folded under to finish it off and prevent fraying) or merely a line of red stitching??? It looks to me like it's just a line of stitching. The jute webbing I've worked with fraaaaaaayys like crazy, so I would think it would have to be hemmed. But it's also really thick -- probably too heavy-duty for my $99 Singer special to handle once it's folded over onto itself for a hem...

DIY Jute Table Runner
Tara Dennis

8/12/11 08:37 AM

The captions are mixed up. No. 2 is the Griswolds' house, #3 is Mr. Mom's abode.

Decor Time Machine: The 80s
11/23/10 07:48 AM