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I agree! It's why I clicked on this article!

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11/5/13 04:53 PM

I literally gasped at this reveal. This is exquisitely beautiful!

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11/5/13 04:42 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss.

This is a tricky subject, and I realize that things are different for everyone, but I feel the "you don't share because your loved one deserves better" sentiment to be a tad insensitive.

I lost the love of my life nearly 3 years ago, and to me, it was something that needed to be shared. My Brant was a lover of life, and as such, he spent a lot of his time traveling the world. Incidentally, this is what he was doing when he died, and why he had so many friends all over the world whom I had never met. Since I didn't know some of these people personally, my only means of communicating with them was through Facebook. I was lucky in the sense that his family, closest friends, and I were able to get to all the closest and essential people first over the phone and in person, but for everyone else, social media was all we had. And apart from just letting everyone know the heartbreaking news, it was very important to me to allow as many people to know about the service as possible, so that they could make plans to attend.

I think it is also key to mention the hole that is left in your life when someone dies that needs to be acknowledged. Had he not died, we would have been married. He was constantly splashed across my Facebook page before we lost him, and it is not as if no one would notice that he suddenly stopped appearing, so for me (after a week or so) I sat down and wrote the hardest status message I've ever had to write. This is the world we live in. Technology is ever present, and I find articles such as this to be helpful and informative; we need to write the rule books for the world today.

The beautifully unexpected thing was the outpouring of love and support from the people I know just from Facebook because he had touched their lives. I still write to several of them, so I can attest to the fact that not all "tough stuff" on social media is tasteless and tacky- it can build relationships that are quite lovely, and that reaffirm the feelings in your heart.

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10/27/13 03:42 PM

Um, what I want to know is where I can get that "Booh-yah" crocheted table runner. Awesome!

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12/16/10 01:15 AM