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Around age 8 I used to live near a Montana hotel a la "The Shining" so that one rings true. I had read the book before seeing the movie and I pictured that hotel as the setting--CHILLS! Not only were the interiors eerie in the movie, they were also quite similar to the hotel I knew, making it doubly creepy. The ballroom (pre-blood flood!) in particular struck home with me, as did the seemingly endless hallways. I love suspenseful fright films (as opposed to gore) and "The Shining" even beats "Psycho" by just thaaat much!

10 Scary Movies with Wicked Décor
2/28/11 11:48 PM

Funny, I don't remember posting this...


The Lazy Woman's Guide to Living Without Piles and Clutter
2/10/11 09:53 PM

Looks inviting, neat, and full of life and creativity. I've been wondering how to get shelves in my kitchen which is tiled with slate--the college room solution is a great one! On my way to a dump site where I know there's cinder block now; then off to Lowe's for some boards. Personality really shines through here; I already like the owners!

Laura & Nickolas' Transformable Loft
House Tour

2/4/11 06:23 PM

Not the least bit inviting, IMHO.

Time Warner's Signature Home in NoHo
House Tour

2/4/11 06:06 PM

Enough of the family homes, AT, please! I joined because I thought this renter had found a style-hacker home; now I'm seeing gigantico homes designed by perfect decorators and oh, yeah--by Time-effin'-Warner?! REALLY?!


Lisa's Large-Scale Project
House Call

2/4/11 03:38 PM

I join the chorus of naysayers to AT featuring this. Just as I joined AT began featuring family homes (there's PLENTY of those on other sites) and now this. Get back to the apartment thing that real people do, Mr./Ms. Therapy, please?!

Time Warner's Signature Home in NoHo
House Tour

2/4/11 03:33 PM

Definitely a fan of the "before," personally.

Step-by-Step Painting Projects: Bring on the Blues
2/4/11 03:27 PM