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I think it's a great idea! While I still think calling would be a faster and more reliable way of reporting an emergency it's good to have another option. There are some situations where phoning the police would not be an option and a text would be a better, more discreet alternative.

Convenient or Crazy? Texting 911 for Emergencies
11/29/10 09:13 AM

I don't tend to think about whether I should be using my phone or not, it seems to come as naturally as whether you would pull out a book and start reading, I normally find it easy enough to just use a bit of common sense. I'd never sit around a table with 1 or 2 friends with my face buried in my blackberry, however replying to a few messages of having a flick through Twitter while at the pub with a group of mates is not really a problem. Unfortunately less and less people seem to have the common sense to think that staring at their phone while out at dinner with friends may come across as rude..

Should Dinner Guests Check their Phones at the Door?
11/22/10 06:53 PM