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I love this room! IKEA's Hemnes line is my absolute favorite, and those Ribba photo ledges are so versitile. I love all of the white pieces in this room that contrast with the dark wall color. It makes me swoon. :)

Harper's Contrasting Colorful Nursery My Room
7/12/13 09:39 AM

I love this...very calming and serene! I especially like what you did with the fabric on the Knipsa baskets. Very nice!

Jane's Soft, Mint Nursery My Room
6/5/13 01:10 PM

I love this room! I especially love how the white stripe serves as the focal point for any artwork or shelves you hang on the wall. Perfect!

My Room: Blaise
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

8/3/11 01:23 PM

Christina C, I'm with you. We don't listen to strictly "kid music" in our house (other than what my 2-year-old son hears on Yo Gabba Gabba or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). His favorite band is the Foo Fighters. He gets out his little toy guitar and jams to it.

Ohdeedads: Let's Talk About Kids' Music
6/28/11 02:01 PM

Very nice change! I love the gray countertop against the white cabinets. Great job modernizing the space for just a few bucks!

An $89 Kitchen Makeover
Our First Nest

6/7/11 12:53 PM

Lovely! The decor is wonderful, but that closet is to die for. Makes me want to go home and organize my 2-year-old son's closet right now!

J & J's Snug Harbor
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #29

5/17/11 11:57 AM

Very nice space! I bet your kids adore it. You can never go wrong with an Expedit for storage in a kid's room!

A Tale of Two Toddlers
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #17

5/12/11 01:22 PM

I love this space. You've done a great job making the most out of what you had to work with! I really like the black and white.

Mattias' Black, White & Fun All Over
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #7

5/6/11 10:47 AM

I love everything about this room (especially that awesome bed!) except the lack of a bedskirt. Something about an exposed box spring mattress just bugs me. Maybe it's a regional thing!

Parker's Big Boy Bedroom
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #6

5/5/11 01:39 PM

Wow, what a great space! Very inspiring.

aspenchick, the legs look like Capita legs to me. Check them out on the IKEA website. They come in 2 or 3 lengths.

Alina's Alluring Allotment
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #2

5/3/11 02:28 PM

I just can't imagine any reason why I would ever hand over a piece of equipment worth hundreds of dollars to a small child that may chew on it, shake it, throw it, etc. Just not worth it to me.

Fisher-Price’s Laugh n Learn iCan Play case
4/13/11 02:22 PM

The color combination is perfect. Well done!

My Room: Sawyer
Littleton, CO

3/9/11 05:11 PM

Love this idea!!! My 2-year-old son is really into his play food right now, and I think being able to shake "spices" on it will just thrill him!

Make Toy Spice Jars for Kitchen Play
3/9/11 09:25 AM

Very helpful post! Thank you! I second the mpix.com suggestion. Their print prices are comparable to Shutterfly but their quality is far superior. (Another great option is nationsphotolab.com.) Order some of your prints on metallic paper, and you will be amazed how beautiful your snapshots can look!

Create a Beautiful Portrait Gallery for Your Home - Using your Own Photos!
Guest Post by Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick

3/9/11 09:21 AM

Love this color! I'm thinking white furniture with pale yellow bedding/accents.

How To Make This Paint Color Work in a Girl's Room
Good Questions

2/14/11 04:22 PM

I just ordered my first DSLR on Amazon today (yay!) It's a Canon Rebel T1i, and I can't wait to receive it. I got the body only with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. What other (relatively inexpensive) lenses would you recommend to a DSLR newbie? What is YOUR favorite lens?

Your Chance to Ask a Photograher!
2/4/11 02:54 PM

Happy birthday, Lincoln! Great photos!

Happy Birthday Lincoln
2/1/11 10:28 AM

tchouquet, you're not the only one! When I saw this, I thought, "ACK! Must go buy my son more books NOW!!!!" That wall is just total eye candy. My son isn't a climber, so I wouldn't worry about him trying to get at the higher books, but I would think it would be a concern for more adventurous kids.

Creating a Library in Your House

1/25/11 02:00 PM

Kathleen...same thing here. I think I ended up giving away 30 flannel receiving blankets that I had received as gifts and never used. Same thing with washcloths. Babies don't need 15 washcloths!

Diapers and wipes were our favorite gifts. We didn't have to buy any diapers or wipes until our son was 3 or 4 months old.

We really appreciated (although maybe not at the time) receiving white onesies in larger sizes. We like to layer our son's clothing, so those larger-size white onesies really came in handy when he started outgrowing his cute newborn onesies (which was very quickly!) Everyone always wants to buy cute little newborn outfits that make them say "awwww!", but white onesies are a very practical gift. Maybe not for a baby girl, but it's something to keep in mind.

Another thing we got a lot of use out of was a "baby first aid kit" put together by my friend who had a 3-year-old. It contained diaper rash cream, rectal thermometer, infant tylenol, things like that. We got a lot of use out of it in his first year, especially when he was teething!

Tried and True Baby Essentials Recommendations
Good Questions

1/7/11 03:40 PM

I absolutely love this room! So serene and beautiful, a very calming space. I want to sleep in it! :) Babies are bombarded with sensory experiences; there's no reason a bedroom also needs to be full of loud colors.

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12/29/10 04:22 PM