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PS the sofa is the 'grace' sofa from crate and barrel -i've had it for 5 years now.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Stefan's Inspired & Eclectic Studio Washington, DC
3/26/09 10:01 PM

Hey guys, this is Stefan, aka ArchitectDesign - the housetour 'host'! The bookshelves are AMAZING -they're from IKEA but they sadly no longer sell them -the 'docent' collection. Try looking on craigslist for them! They look really stylish and not cheap.
My art wall is really a hodgepodge -a lot of the pieces came to me already framed from family members and auction houses. I just bought plain black frames in standard sizes for the others at a local art store - black matches everything! The art easel is from restoration hardware outlet! I like to rotate pieces on that!
The dining table and chairs are vintage BAKER that I got on craigslist -i LOVE craigslist!

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Stefan's Inspired & Eclectic Studio Washington, DC
3/26/09 10:01 PM

Apartment Therapy New York | The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/23/08 11:00 AM

Stefan Hurray (aka ArchitectDesign) here, from the article.... I loved reading everyone's takes. I wasn't talking about leather couches so much (although, really, it's the same thing) but more about the antlers, stuffed dead birds and fur rugs that we've been seeing everywhere in magazines the last few years. It just creeps me out!

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Bloggers Weigh-In: Trends We Would Love To See The End Of Elle Decor, January/February 2009
12/22/08 04:40 PM

I think paint that high area white to match the ceiling and put a strip light up there so the light distribution is more even. That would go with the more modern feel I think you have with your furnishings.
It's a beautiful space, but I think you need to revisit the curtains (sorry, I know you didn't ask) - they're a bit skimpy and that curtain rod just looks a little cheap. Pottery Barn or Restoration hardware have great options that aren't too expensive.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Accessorizing a Cathedral Ceiling Shelf?
12/1/08 10:12 AM

another great place to donate ( and pick up!! ) your books for free in the baltimore, MD area is the book thing
GREAT place to pick up books and donate your books! You know they won't be wasted!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Declutter Your Bookshelves
12/14/07 11:11 AM

At my current office we all have 'freedoms' and it's ok - better than the 'leep' which i had at my old office. However - i LOVE the aeron chair -thats what the bosses had at my old office.

Apartment Therapy - Lunchtime Survey: The Best Task Chair?
11/2/07 10:11 AM

i think the trick to make it pop is lots of white and a bright accent color. Notice how the room you liked had the bright yellow pillows in the foreground? I think that makes it 'sing'. I had a navy blue bedroom in my old apt with navy blue everything -bedcover, headboard, and then stark shiny white trim and sheets - but then my pillows were a brigiht celadon green - it made everything just POP

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Navy Blue Walls for My Living Room?
10/12/07 12:06 PM

I moved into a new construction condo last year and I have stainless steel backsplash like this - keep in mind how EASILY it scratches and also that it's very hard to keep looking clean. Other than those 2 factors though ( it's never clean looking and all scratched up from the kitchen installers ) it's great though. Just my 2 cents.

Apartment Therapy - Close-Up: Stainless Steel Backsplash
10/10/07 09:34 AM

Why not just buy a loveseat with no arms? Crate and barrel has quite a few as do a lot of other stores I'm sure.

Apartment Therapy - Design obsession: Banquettes
9/28/07 08:28 AM

I say embrace the low ceiling -you'll never be able to hide it. Frank Lloyd Wright utilized low-slung buildings and low ceilings throughout his homes - head to your local library and check out some books of his to see how he dealt with this, or online of course. Not sure if this is too traditional but a lot of 'old english' type interiors have low ceilings as well and they're really cozy. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Should I Decorate This Room?
9/26/07 11:12 AM

I live alone for mostly reasons of style like you mentioned. I have had some great roomates but they liked very bland Ikea'ish spaces while I like something with more personality, warmth and classic. I give up space and only have a studio ( albeit a large one ) but it's so worth it so that I have my own place that is a home for me. I've painted every rental I've ever lived in and now that I own I've taken even further steps to personalize my space.

Apartment Therapy - Great Roommates?
9/5/07 12:35 PM

South oakland (neighborhood in pittsburgh that has a large italian population) has a few of these dotting the area and they're charming in a kitschy way :-) Actually there is a book that was written a few years ago based on them (local little pamphlet -wish I had a copy of it!) - it detailed why and when they were built - most are in memory of deceased love ones.

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Chianti, Italy - Religious Art
8/20/07 01:06 PM

what about turning it into an entertainment center somehow and something useful instead of just putting tchockes on it that you buy exclusively for that. Or books if you have a lot of books.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Should I Put on This Sideboard?
8/17/07 10:37 AM

I live in DC too in a new condo building and I must say they all do look like! Is this a dc 'look' or pretty national? I LOVE the art collection - I'd like to know if many of the pieces were bought in dc or during her travels?

Inside Out: Maxine Maximizes Luxury
8/1/07 10:19 AM

Yes, I have had the same problem in my old apt. and i had wooden dowels cut to the length I needed at the hardware store. Then I put these in the crevice at the edge of the window. You can't see them then and they're free from prying fingers! Safe, functional AND pretty!

Good Questions: How do I keep my windows from slamming?
7/18/07 12:40 PM

I own 2 sets of sheets and change them weekly - I WISH i had the time to iron them...or the patience.... I change my pillowcases though about 3 times a week ( I find that works just as well as fresh sheets really ). I wash my mattress cover about once a month. I get night sweats so this is NECCESARY!

AT Survey: Do Clean Sheets Make A Better Night's Sleep?
5/9/07 12:47 PM

I love the high gloss black idea -how about painting it all the high gloss black EXCEPT the top of the buffet and leave that the original wood or perhaps a red or orange for contrast? Lovely piece -I'm so jealous!

Good Questions: How To Refinish This Baby?
5/8/07 12:49 PM

Earplugs.......and black-out shades

Good Questions: Window Noise & Privacy Solution?
5/3/07 01:23 PM

I have the similiar Grace sofa for about 3 years now and love it -get lots of compliments. For a small sofa it's very comfortable ( obviously can't lay out on it ) and the only thing I would complain about the grace is that the armrests are hard -you can't lay your head on it with no padding. But it's very sturdy -moved with me to 3 different apts with no problems

Good Questions: What Do You Think About Crate & Barrel Sofas?
5/2/07 12:56 PM