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I love the pink curtains in the 1st pic!

Quick & Affordable Home Makeover Task: Adjust Your Curtain Rods
7/6/14 05:52 PM

I know, right? I'd take the glass bkr over this one, even though they are expensive. For a non-glass water bottle I recommend Kor.

Tranquil Water Bottle by Contigo
7/2/14 10:45 AM

I have one with 3 drawers on either side, and that one in the last pic is the only other I've seen. Are the 6 drawer models more rare, or am I just not seeing them?

Versatile Vintage: Sewing Machine Tables in Every Room
6/27/14 10:10 PM

I live in a small town down south & there is no way I'd sleep with the door open. I don't owe the world access to me & my house. One night I slept on the couch & woke up at 3am hearing someone walk up on the porch. He opened the screen door & tried the knob. It didn't open, so he left. Had it been open or unlocked...???

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 12:40 PM

I have the same one & it is by JC Penney. You can find it under " jcp home Cotton Reversible Hot Rose Comforter" and it is currently $39.99 for a queen.

Nancy & Andy's Colorful, Handcrafted Home House Tour
4/8/14 06:31 PM

I painted my dreary cabinets white, but it clashed with my old formica counter tops. I went though 1/2 dozen colors before trying black. The top cabinets are still white, but the base is black. I can't say I love it 100%, but I'm satisfied. The walls are white, and the back-splash area is....purple. My kitchen is black, white, and...purple.

Come to the Dark Side: Black Kitchens
8/24/11 08:06 PM

A couple of my favorites:

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee is home to the circa 1950, Deco-style Crockett Theater. Tours are free.
"This magnificent Art Deco style gem was designed by the architectural firm of Speight and Hibbs and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places."

There is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Florence, Alabama:

"An American architectural treasure, this house was built for newlyweds Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum of Florence, Alabama, in 1939. The house is the only structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the state of Alabama, and the only such house in the southeast that is open to the public."

United States of Design Road Trips: The South
American Style

7/25/11 01:21 PM

What about Rubylane and Tias?

Alternatives to Craigslist & eBay for Vintage Sellers?
Good Questions

12/9/10 04:02 PM

Love the little birds! I would also love to have a retro pink tile bath.

Think Pink

12/7/10 03:41 PM

I'm obsessive-compulsive about my pets,
so I wouldn't leave them with just any one.

I take my dog with me, and my cousin, who
lives next door, comes over to feed my cats.

For safety, I turn the electric off at the
switch. I put down enough litter boxes to
last the week, or how ever many days I'll
be gone, and plenty of water/dry food, so
all my cousin has to do is feed them their

I wouldn't leave my dog behind, but she is
smallish & fits in a bag, and she loves to travel.

Who Do You Trust to Watch Your Pets and Your Home While You're Away?
12/2/10 08:56 PM