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Also this air purifier was recommended to me:

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4/2/14 12:14 PM

Don't do it. In contrast to most of the posters, I have a different opinion. The original plaster has a nice look to it (not perfectly smooth, but that matches my life). It is a *better sound and heat insulator than a single layer of drywall, so to increase the sound and heat insulation you need to take additional steps (as people have mentioned). The lead is a serious issue, and contractors can't remove it anymore in MA without training on lead containment - they are taking it that seriously. You can ADD a layer of drywall on top of the plaster, adding to the insulation, making it smooth and pretty if it is totally cracked. my understanding is that adding blown in insulation will not dampen noise. A friend of mine collects old pieces of drywall and slips them into the gaps which increases the mass between the two spaces (hello, 10th grade physics!) I am a landlord, too, and I would say No to a tenant who wanted to do this, for the above reasons. Sorry that the fix is not easy. Good luck.

Thoughts on Replacing Plaster Wall with Insulation and Drywall?
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12/28/11 09:45 AM