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Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look@Me Emoticon Keyboard
5/31/08 12:32 PM

I <3 you forever for this list. I may even get to the nursery today.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Best Plants for Your Bathroom
3/20/08 01:58 PM

Maybe this is just the last few nights experimental theatre talking, but I dig a chair that tries to create an experience, rather than just being visually engaging and functional. Who am I kidding, I've been looking for a giant egg in my living room for months. (although how surreal fantastic would more than one wom in a room be?.... say half a dozen?)

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? WOM, the Egg-like Lounge from Lapaka
3/10/08 08:13 AM

if Dita von Teese would bathe there, as Enrique says, I might be buying some black paint this weekend...

I think it looks fantastic anyhow, and even though the tile and chair colors aren't what I would've chosen, anything other than red makes it feel warm to me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! A Black Bathroom
3/6/08 03:09 PM

I think it's neato. (cept far less attractive pre-1st wash).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Detergent T-Shirt: Throw and Wash
3/4/08 01:23 PM

If I'm going to read, I'm really going to dig in and read for an hour. so no- no bathroom reading.

Music, on the other hand, really should be on as frequently as possible. So whatever the purpose for my stay, when in the bathroom, the radio is on.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bathroom Reading...
3/4/08 01:21 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Suction Cup Hooks in the Bathroom
3/4/08 11:02 AM

This reads like a litmus test for being a film student in LA. - minus the station wagon.... oh wait those are the hanger-ons who haul equipment. which also reminds me: can you pass film school without being a mac user/convert?

/my totally biased soapbox. oh and the study was conducted using nielsen. hrm.

oh and re: prometheanne- there were more positive findings in the study too

"Openness 5's [the same liberal, superior, less modest grouping]....those who seek rich, varied and novel experiences, believing that imagination and intellectual curiosity contribute to a life well lived. They are receptive to their own inner feelings and may feel both happiness and unhappiness more intensely than others."

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Survey: Mac Owners Are More Likely...
2/23/08 04:02 AM

collaborative, home-grown, "never-finished" installation art that grows out of the space like overflow from an open portal, showcasing the depth and evolving with your adventures.

or one big ass piece of really amazing art.

and I agree with blandwagon- it should be iconic and personal, whatever you decide.

(but the never-finished installation art could be something your guests could participate in, and would give you the freedom to change as you change.... i know it's crazy. but it'd be awesome!)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: What to fill in this Entry Way Nook?
2/20/08 10:33 PM

the ridiculousness of the fruit storage, the tired fashion cliche of the mini and boots--- maybe it's my 30 rock detox speaking, but all I could think was: Cerie! zomg it's you!

Apartment Therapy New York | How to Store Fruits and VegetablesFrom The Kitchn: Our sister site that promotes cooking eating at home
2/15/08 04:43 PM

omg how did I not know about this place?! it looks amazing. Must. Go. Soon.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mickey's Monkey
2/6/08 08:30 PM

when has Bucca di Beppo ever smelled as good as basil... yum I may just switch from Method.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New Fragrance from Mrs. Meyers: Basil
2/6/08 08:23 PM

IME, live with roommates. I thought living alone would be fantastic, so I moved into a beautiful studio in Fairfax area, close enough to walk to the movies, tjs, etc. It was great for awhile. Especially for my dating life. But after 4 months it got really lonely. I stayed for 2 yrs because it was such a great apartment, but overall, not the best for my day-to-day state of mind. And living alone does not equal peace and quiet, my neighbors were crazy.

If you do choose to live alone, live in an area where it's easier for your friends to find parking. I had people over all the time when I lived in Koreatown.

If you want the privacy aspect of living alone, but prefer roommates (like me) try for a place where the bedrooms are at opposite ends. It's been working like a dream.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | You're Gonna Make it After All: Roommates or Living Single?
2/5/08 10:51 AM

Yay! let me behind the must-be-more-stylish-than-red-velvet, cooler-than-thou rope.

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 11:23 AM

Maybe my favorite entry so far. Amazing use of color. I love how you've been able to pair more saturated colors like the red with softer tones. So many times a room feels too soft or loud because it's so chroma-uniform(?) chroma-static(?). Your home is very inviting and very energetic. I love it.

Apartment Therapy - #30 - Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness
10/23/07 10:12 PM

re: Mangosteen - interesting they say never to wash berries!

I have always washed ALL of my food, but this season I stopped washing berries because I found the texture of wet berries so unappealing. Everyone told me I was crazy. Ha ha I win.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Do You Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables?
10/22/07 02:36 PM

Just wondering--Is it really greener to use E-books considering the energy used to read the book? How little would you have to read for it to be a better solution. I understand books taking up space, using trees, etc. But a printed book has a finite environmental cost (simply the initial production), is portable, and can be passed on to friends (or libraries or prisons) when you are through. Though admittedly, the publishing industry could pursue more sustainable choices along the route of production; it's a brilliant solution for the tons of paper wasted through the editing process (why tablets have taken on in tv production etc.)

but even though I tire decorating around my library demands, it's gotta be print books for me, too.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Can You Live Without Books?
10/4/07 04:16 PM

I have a shaker too! - but really only for toast, squash, and grilled peaches.

Coffee or hot chocolate: cayenne, nutmeg, or cinnamon straight up.

Apartment Therapy - Do You Keep a Cinnamon Sugar Bowl?
10/4/07 04:03 PM

Confused- see the message behind the whole David and Goliath story is that if you do what's right you'll succeed even if you're up against a bigger opponent... so when posting that image next to AT's official position on NOT revealing the name of the store means???

See I'm sure that the comment was removed because she was being harassed and was tired of it. As much as it sucks, I definitely get it.

But AT stands nothing to lose. It's protected speech. Well rather- the only thing I can imagine they have to lose is advertising dollars.

On another note: AT choosing to not name the store rather than inform consumers tells me that this blog is more concerned with the needs and wants of the manu-distributors rather than the target audience, consumers, and our RIGHTS and needs.

So while I've really enjoyed reading this blog for a very long time now- I can't imagine how I'm going to enjoy reading much longer as this no longer seems like a place for discussion about design, but more elaborate advertising (If the manu-distributors say is held above the consumers, what else could you call it? THEY set the rules for discussion now, not us.)

AT on: Stores That Don't Like Comments
7/27/07 09:15 AM

Yay on leaving the door- for one thing, if you are going to place it in a social location, the door removes the temptation of looking in the drawers.

On that note, I think it would be fun to organize/store bedroom accessories.

Good Questions: How Can I Modernize This Cabinet?
5/30/07 11:34 PM