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Love the makeover of the body of the sofa... But they dropped the ball on those cushions!

Before & After: The Pretty Painted Sofa Makeover
Fabric Bliss

1/14/12 08:14 PM

I'm a Martha fan but haven't been able to watch the show in months now. My cable company changed Hallmark over to a high cost digital package and I'm not paying that much more to get Hallmark!

Martha Stewart Dropped From Hallmark Channel
Design News 1.4.12

1/4/12 09:53 PM

Good Job! Looks better then I thought it would from the before picture.

Before & After: DIY Dining Table Rehab
Little Miss Penny Wenny

1/4/12 09:35 PM

Love this make over!

Before & After: Emily Dresses Up Her Hearth & Home

1/3/12 09:40 PM

Great Job! That's the kind of space I would love spending time in.

Alex & Wendy's Evolving Victorian
House Tour

11/30/11 08:15 AM

I loved this home tour!

This Look, Your Home: Rustic Masculine
11/23/11 05:51 PM

There is alot that I like in the house(furniture & art) but there is just way to much bright color. It was hard to focus because there was so much going on.

Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
House Tour

5/12/11 12:18 PM

The "KITCHEN BATHROOM" is just GROSS!! I'd move!

Meggan's 7 Windows
4/14/11 11:58 AM