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If you only need a cup for cooking and don't usually drink wine, Black Box also sells small boxes with a screw top (like coconut water) containing three glasses worth of wine.

Why I Always Have a Box of Wine in My Refrigerator
5/23/14 07:21 PM

I'm really excited about this!

...but I'm not sure what a vanilla milkshake without ice cream has to do with being newly gluten-free. There are plenty of commercially available ice cream brands which do not contain gluten.

Bananas: The New Buttercream Old Ingredient New Trick
1/8/14 10:41 AM

I would recommend checking into the housing code in New Haven- adequate electrical access and persistent water damage are generally problems that require immediate repair under the housing code. You may have been entitled to withhold rent.

Sticker Shock: What's The New Rent On Your Old Apartment?
6/27/13 11:46 AM

I LOATHE washing dishes. Dishwashers in every unit is the point that sold me on moving to a somewhat more expensive apartment complex at the end of this year.

I don't mind laundry once it gets going, but I really never iron anything.

What's Your Least Favorite Household Chore?
6/27/13 10:37 AM

I've done this twice: Once in NYC I moved one block west after my building's management company dropped the ball on a gas leak that led to carbon monoxide poisoning. Found the new place on craigslist and moved the whole place on a wheeled dolly over the course of that week. It was a relatively stress-free move.

More recently I moved two buildings over about 9 months into my one-year lease, because my landlord had an apartment three times the size of mine become available for only $40/month more. I couldn't pass it up, and though it was awful moving such a short distance (read: small trips) in snowy December, It has definitely been worth it.

Making a \"Small\" Move: Is It Worth It?
4/10/13 10:37 AM

It says to sign in, which I did, but doesn;t recognize that I signed in. When I click the 'Log In' link in the upper right corner, it says I've been logged out! :(

Win: Williams-Sonoma Cookware
& Tools Sets Holiday Giveaway

11/14/12 03:31 PM

Though it is cute, I agree with @Hazel8 ... if you're making lunch for children, why on earth would you deliberately use misspellings? Poor spelling isn't something one should be reinforcing for children, particularly not on purpose. Two more letters for the Back2School wouldn't have been a burden. Between purposeful misspelling, encouraging eating crayons, and discouraging doing homework, this kids got an uphill battle for the future. Yikes.

Fun Lunchbox Idea: Edible Crayons!
3/19/12 02:32 PM

The Anthropologie Rivulets set is on sale right now:


Bedding To Pair with These Curtains? Good Questions
3/16/12 09:55 AM

Eh. Very nice job, but I prefer the before.

I can't see painting this wood piece because it wasn't in rough shape to begin with. Refinishing it in could have been gorgeous, maybe with contrasting stain for a two-tone look on the details...

Before & After: Secretary Turned Shiny and Sleek
3/1/12 08:09 AM

The article clarifies that they subbed farro in the recipe.

Seriously Good: Quinoa-Avocado Salad from Fine Cooking
2/24/12 10:29 AM

I picked up a cherimoya on a whim once and absolutely fell in love.

Having Fun with Unusual Ingredients
2/23/12 12:06 PM

Exposed brick is cozy and timeless. I am so jealous of this home. So incredibly gorgeous.

Before & After: 100 Year Old Building Renovation Design *Sponge
2/23/12 08:12 AM

I was intrigued by these after seeing them for sale at Michaels, but did find that watching something (even mechanical) struggle to escape made me sad.

ChristineRogers- Considering how many animals are in shelters and euthanized every day, it seems unrealistic to consider keeping pets a selfish thing to do. Opening your home to an animal in need and giving it a better life is a generous thing to do, if anything.

Starter Pets & Electronic Butterflies
2/22/12 01:31 PM

A gloss would have been less lifeless. And I agree with the above comments that it would have been nice to leave the face gold.

Before & After: Paint that Monkey!

2/22/12 01:19 PM

LOVE it!

Style Shift: Transforming a Painted Dresser Mama With a Dash of DIY Drama
2/22/12 01:10 PM

I literally just fried up some bacon to try this, as it seemed like just the motivation I needed to dive into my Property Law reading.

It is absolutely perfect. The naysayers should give it a try.

Leftover Bacon? Make a Bacon Whiskey Sour
2/3/12 03:25 PM

Get an ozone generator.

Long-Lasting Home Odor Solution?
Good Questions

10/14/11 10:33 AM

I suspect that the 'creme' vs 'cream' distinction is due to the fact that the brand probably cant legally call it cream if a good chunk of the ingredients are other stuff/preservatives.

Think Twinkies: it's not cream filing, it's creamed filling.

Grosses me out either way.

What the Heck is Philadelphia "Cooking Creme"?
3/22/11 06:56 PM

I actually like it- it has a sort of quirky, vintage vibe. Though I don't like the kitchen cabinets at all, it IS cohesive and that surprises me with such daring choices. I generally oppose wallpaper (and dislike florals) but this apartment looks like the set of an Anthropologie catalog shoot, which I would expect to be better received than the previous comments indicate.

Visual Tricks in a Moscow Apartment
Professional Project

2/28/11 02:29 PM