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I was taught to crack the hard-boiled eggs, then rinse them in cold water to make them easier to peel. It's not a perfect method, but it does make peeling a bit easier.

Food Science: Why Are Hard-Boiled Eggs So Hard to Peel? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/2/10 10:11 AM

I usually just tapped the edge of the lid a few times with a spoon to loosen the seal.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Quick Tip: Use a Bottle Opener on a Stubborn Jar Lid
9/15/09 11:54 AM

I've had champagne grapes that were that size before, but I think mine were red. I don't know if they come in other colors or not.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Help! What Kind of Grapes are These and What Should I Do with Them?
8/5/09 11:05 AM

Dumb idea.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | DIY Project: Make An Inverted Bookshelf
6/24/09 09:19 AM

I love all kinds of recipes, but one cookbook I have really stands out when I think of your question. I would definitely consider the Hungry Girl cookbook. It has a lot of recipes that are extremely simple, healthy, have lots of veggies, but still cater to, as you would say, 'the food palate of a child'.

It's a start...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Help! I Have the Palate of a Child
6/23/09 12:00 PM

I've never even thought of saving my old butter wrappers. What great ideas! My husband may just wonder if I've lost my head when he finds them in the freezer, but I think it's worth it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 4 Ways To Reuse Your Butter Wrappers!
6/17/09 01:16 PM

Thank you so much, everybody, for the great advice! I will definitely be taking all of it to heart, and will be looking for fun things for the boys to do while they visit, while looking for things that need to be cleared out/cordoned off for the visit. From hearing all of your comments, I definitely feel a bit more at ease about the visit. And that's one thing I definitely needed!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Preparing for a Visit from Toddler Twins
6/6/09 02:36 PM

Frankly, the first thing I thought of when I saw the after picture was Beetlejuice. Not a fan.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Zenovation Renovation Restoration
5/27/09 09:04 AM

Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I have an idea on what I will do, but I definitely need to visit a framing shop before I make any decisions. I'll try to post an update as soon as I can.

'theseboots': That'd be great if you could show me how it comes out!

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Best Frame to Showcase Hope Print?
1/16/09 11:39 AM

We have a collage frame of our family and us from our wedding in an alcove in our upstairs hallway. We also have an 11x14 in our living room mixed in with several other non-photo wall hangings, where our wedding picture is smaller than the largest picture.

Anything else we keep in our bedroom.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Tastefully Displaying Wedding Photos?
12/4/08 07:42 AM

Ooohhh! That's it! Thanks so much!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Chuck's Coffee Mugs?
12/2/08 02:51 PM

The Flow definitely isn't it. But, using the Flow as a reference, where the cup meets the handle, there was literally a swirl. Or kind of like it looped at the top before coming into the handle. I'm horrible at trying to explain things.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Chuck's Coffee Mugs?
12/2/08 02:34 PM

My neighbors are really nice, but the worst for me is the cigarette stench I get from next door (I'm in a townhome). I've coined her 'Smokestack' because the smell never lets up! And if I park my car too close to her front yard, my heating/ac unit smells like smoke when I first use it. Yuck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: You Think Your Neighbor's Bad...?
11/20/08 02:37 PM

I'm a mix of traditional and modern, but I do love my clean lines!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: "Sense of Style: Colour Space" Books by Shannon Fricke Los Angeles
10/21/08 04:53 AM

I had commissioned her to make a felted likeness to a dog my parents dearly loved, but had to give away. It came out absolutely adorable, and not creepy at all. Especially since it's so tiny. Oh yeah, and my parents love it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Felted Pet Sculptures by Amelia Santiago
9/23/08 03:46 AM

I am a big fan of Yogi Tea. It tastes so crisp and natural! I have a lot of loose tea that I haven't used, so to win this giveaway would be excellent!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | See My Artwork! Contest Smackdown: Friday, 11:23am
9/11/08 10:52 AM

Monkey bread!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Dinosaur Soup by Bob's Your Uncle
9/11/08 10:23 AM

I've started using Method with microfiber cloths. They're a dream! I've also just bought a bar of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap to try, and so far, I'm loving it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nettie Scrub Soap and Candle Gift Pack Los Angeles
9/5/08 04:17 AM

So, what if the smoker smokes IN their home, and I still smell it in my apartment? What's really gross is, I always notice it in my kitchen, and if I open certain cabinet doors, the smell is worse. All of my cabinets are on my neighbor's wall.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: What Do I Do About Cigarette Smoke?
8/22/08 04:09 AM

I've recently gotten into making quilts, so I'd definitely be using it for that.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/8/08 04:45 AM