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Check out as well. Its great!

Organizing Family Memories Online
4/23/12 10:37 AM

first poster should check out splashtop. fee is nominal and it works just like remote desktop.

How to Access Your Home Desktop While You're Away
11/30/11 02:34 PM

try these: there is a reason they are so popular on amazon. Bonus - you can pick up calls with it because it is a full headset.

Run On: Headphones That Stay With You While Running
11/2/11 02:30 PM

Might I add that these are 14-15 bucks? the mount is so slim that you may need 90-degree angle converters for your HDMI cables. Which Monoprice also sells.

Super-Duper Slim Flatscreen Wall Mounts

6/24/11 02:20 PM

any of the ultra slim low profile mounts from monoprice will do the trick. I've bought four and they all work just like the more expensive ones. A cinch to install.

Super-Duper Slim Flatscreen Wall Mounts

6/24/11 02:19 PM

i noticed no one has suggested the combo blender/food processor. is that because it compromises on both?

A Tale Of 13 Appliances: What Stays and What Goes?
3/21/11 05:11 PM