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Pinwheels of some sort would be pretty easy and tasty to bang out.

Dates filled with mascarpone/bacon or pancetta.

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad or maybe pimiento cheese?

Stuffed mushrooms

Mini quiches

stuffed jalapenos, or I've seen stuffed jalapeno dip

I'm getting hungry, I better stop!

I'm Catering a Big Wedding This Spring. What Should I Make? Homemade Weddings
3/31/14 02:42 PM

If I have a tomato on the counter and leave the house, when I come back, it will be half eaten on the floor. My cat (who I've never seen on the counters ever), will have pink stained kitty lips.

11 Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Treats for Your Dog or Cat
3/26/14 06:03 PM

How'd you know I was planning on trying pan fried tofu this week?

How To Make Crispy Tofu Without Deep-Frying Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/17/14 12:32 PM

RubyMae makes a good point.

San Francisco Bans Single-Serving Plastic Bottles Design News
3/14/14 02:36 PM

Chicken and Dumplings or a Pot Pie. COMFORT FOOD!

What Do You Bring for Friends Who Could Use a Home-Cooked Meal? Good Questions
2/7/14 02:05 PM


What Ingredient Would You Like to Use More Often This Year?
2/7/14 12:13 PM

This is a great recipe! Just tried it last night and everyone loved it!!!

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Recipes from The Kitchn
2/5/14 06:15 PM

I made this recipe last night, very tasty. I've never used capers before, and they were just the acid the dish needed! Yum!

Recipe: Grown-Up Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipes from The Kitchn
1/31/14 11:59 AM

I made the grown up tuna noodle casserole last night and it was TASTY! For some reason, it wasn't salty enough, but that just might be personal taste. Will make again!

Super Power Smoothie, Kitchen Nook Makeover, 15 Quick-Fix Pantry Desserts & Grown-Up Tuna Noodle Casserole Friday Flashback
1/31/14 11:59 AM

I have a cat named "Sloppy Joe." His predecessor was "Tank."

Most Popular Pet Names in 2013 Design News
1/13/14 06:03 PM

My husband has been faithful to Pok Pok since they opened in Portland, and has taken great pride to introduce our friends to the restaurant. He went out and bought this cookbook the day it was released and it is beautiful and interesting. And as a fairly experienced cook, this book is intimidating to cook from! Finding the ingredients will be a fun challenge.

Pok Pok by Andy Ricker with JJ Goode New Cookbook
1/7/14 12:49 PM

Like many others, my rolls didn't rise much. The dough was not sticky, and I was worried that I lost count of my cups of flour, but I baked them anyway, and they fluffed up quite nicely, and they were a rave. Will make again.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Potato Dough Rolls Recipes from The Kitchn
1/3/14 07:07 PM

I would add Pok Pok's cookbook to the list. Beautiful book, lovely stories, I'm sure the recipes are delicious, but the intimidation factor is HIGH! I'll just have to make the 2 hour trek to Portland to eat Andy Ricker's delicious food.

The Best 2013 Cookbooks That You Will Probably Never Cook From Cookbook Spotlight
12/10/13 01:13 PM

Another great one is "Cinder Edna."

Cinder Edna is Cinderella's more practical neighbor who starts her own casserole business and is very independent and strong, while Cinderella is moping about wishing for a prince. It's great!

The \"Un-Princess\" Book List
12/6/13 12:03 PM

I've always had good luck with

They have good prices!

Aperitif Recipe: Vanilla-Pear Cava Sparkler The 10-Minute Happy Hour
10/18/13 12:50 PM

I'm intrigued by making fermented cider. My brother-in-law makes small batch beer and I am sure if I wont this book, I'd be sharing it with him!

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 02:01 PM

I'm pretty excited to try the lemon icebox cake. I also like plain ol' no-bake cookies (The chocolate oatmeal classic).

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/9/13 02:27 PM

For my collection (I had SO MANY MAGAZINES), I went through and cut out all the recipes I thought I MIGHT want to try and put them in plastic sleeves in 3 ring binders. If I try a recipe that's not that great, I just take that page out. This has been working for me, and now I have 3 binders of recipes that I might try. I mostly use them for inspiration and do my own thing, but sometimes that's all you need, right?

On Letting Go of Your Food Magazine Collection: Got Any Tips for Me?
5/8/13 02:37 PM

It's cool looking, but I'm thinking of all of my condiments. I wouldn't want those hanging out for the world to see.

Is This the Refrigerator of the Future?
4/3/13 05:04 PM

Looks like a Scotch egg to me - quite tasty!

How Can I Make Deep-Fried Hard Boiled Eggs at Home? Good Questions
3/4/13 04:20 PM