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i bought some larger baskets for my daughters stuffed toys from the Land of Nod - they have a variety of colors so it doesn't just have to be for a kids room.

The Hunt For Big Affordable Baskets
2/25/14 10:10 AM

we have separate, both tuggers. always a problem when we go away to a hotel where there's only one quilt!

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
3/29/12 11:48 AM

that looks great! i made some cheese stuffed rolls today with the last lot of dough i was using to make challah bread. was so good.

Recipe: Cheese-Stuffed Bread Sticks
2/10/12 12:59 AM

nice! we just inherited a table that looks almost the same. just not so worn.

Before & After: DIY Dining Table Rehab
Little Miss Penny Wenny

1/4/12 07:15 PM

we are lucky enough to have a small second bedroom which is my office/studio space plus is also used as our guest bedroom and storage room. when I want to get away from work I close the door which helps me "turn off". there needs to be a dedicated space with a separation. i used to not have that at my old house and i also felt like i was "at work" all the time because work stuff was mixed totally with home stuff.
so now it's a matter of setting up my "office" so it's comfortable to be productive. the problem is being at home all the time so i have to make sure i go out and interact with other people each day!

Working From Home: How Do You Separate Live/Work?
8/1/11 08:27 PM


Maryam & Max's Modern Beachwood Canyon Home
House Tour

7/20/11 12:30 PM

We're holding off on buying a comfortable, quality dining table until we move to somewhere where we'll be for longer than our current apartment. The table we want wouldn't fit in our current place very well so we make do with a hand-me-down table from friends that's not nice to your knees.

What Piece of Furniture Are You Willing to Do Without?
6/3/11 03:19 PM

enjoyable interview. lovely set of books and design.

An Interview with Book Cover Designer Coralie Bickford-Smith
4/8/11 07:17 PM

nothing wrong with changing up the pillows every now and again. it's cheaper than changing the whole couch!

i just bought new cushions (sale on my favourite colour) and it makes a nice change. still have the old ones so can switch and have more options.

Searching for the Perfect Throw Pillows
1/31/11 08:43 PM

great stuff!

green is my favourite colour so a lot of stuff in my house is green. we went with more neutral furniture to keep everyone happy but i am slowly building up a nice collection of green decor - vases, votives, glasses, dishware, linens, towels, throws, table cloths. i contemplated having a green feature wall but we're renting so painting for short term wasn't practical.

The Next Big Color in Paris? Green
Maison & Objet

1/27/11 12:56 PM

we have the banana boat set and the lilliput set - so much fun! i enjoy it more than guests. we also have a salt shaker than spins like a top.

Salt & Pepper Shakers That Will Make You Smile

11/22/10 12:52 AM