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faith - i can't believe you got the fisher & paykel ovens! that model was discontinued even when i was buying appliances four years ago, and even then i had to track mine down on closeout via ebay. just caught up on your oven back story in your appliances post (i'm hopelessly behind on life this year) - great story and amazing deal!! hope you love them as much as i do.

kitchen is bright and lovely - what a transformation! congratulations on the final payoff for all that work and persistence, and cheers to many happy years ahead in that gorgeous space.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation:
The Big Reveal, the Final Result! Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen

4/18/13 01:46 AM

wow, faith! managing editor of reigning food mega-destination, mastermind of homemade wedding feast for 120, new book (mmm puddings!) AND all-around nice person. superwoman extraordinaire!!

thank you for sharing the adventure of catering your brother's wedding. what a generous way to make a special day even more memorable.

A Homey Budget Wedding Meal for 120: The Wedding Dinner Homemade Weddings
1/24/13 03:40 AM

faith! crazy summer, so i didn't catch this until now. so fun! glad to know i converted you on quinoa - after my first bitter mushy experience it took me ages to try again. now i love it.

Lunch Recipe: Golden Quinoa Salad with Lemon, Dill & Avocado Recipes from The Kitchn
8/13/12 05:42 PM

imdbtoo - sorry meant to get back to you! paint color is benjamin moore straw.

Lilian's Sunlit Family Kitchen
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1/20/12 06:54 PM

kariwk - the honey and mustard are for flavor but also help greatly in holding the emulsion.

ek76 - honey and vinegar are both natural preservatives, and i've never had the garlic go rancid. normally i cycle through a batch of vinaigrette very quickly, but occasionally i've lost track of a jar in the fridge. many weeks or even a few months later it's still good.

My Favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette
Recipe Review

1/19/12 02:57 PM

thanks, faith! i'm delighted to know the vinaigrette has found a home in your kitchen. i use it every day and never tire of it.

loving the new kitchn! no idea how you do it all.

do stop by if you are ever out my way - there's always hot tea in my sunny kitchen. =)

My Favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette
Recipe Review

1/19/12 01:45 AM

@soozieQ the flour containers are anchor hocking montana jars - i bought mine at walmart, but they also have them at bed bath & beyond. i really like them - hold a ton, sturdy, glass.

the dining table was custom made...needed extra wide so we could fit 10 around the table (12 squeezed) for our big family here.

the main reason i didn't use a foot control at the main sink is because of the bridge faucet. i chose it for the classic look - the sink, centered on the wall of windows, is such a focal point of the kitchen. with the foot control you leave the faucet in an "on" position, and the foot control turns the water on and off. it would have looked odd to have the levers permanently askew.

secondarily that sink is really used for cleaning, during which time the water is not on and off for short bursts like when i use my prep sink. and my hands aren't goopy when i'm cleaning (rubber gloves on!) so the foot control just isn't as useful there.

@wisecat so nice to see another central ohioan here! =) i love how faith being here gives columbus some visibility. this is a great town.

Lilian's Sunlit Family Kitchen
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10/29/11 03:54 PM

thanks everyone, you are kind!

@olliemommy - i have a floor plan i can send you...maybe easiest to ping me on my contact form to save us both from spam? hope it helps with your planning!

Lilian's Sunlit Family Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

10/25/11 02:08 PM

funny and true characterization of tuscan bread, though i applaud the boldness of the italians to make bread with zero flavor. here in america food makers will always err on the side of more salt, more fat. i love that the tuscan bakers have the humility to produce an entirely neutral foil for the other amazing flavors of tuscany - vegetables, olive oil, cheese - and don't feel the need for their product to steal the spotlight with strong flavor of its own.

having said that, the american in me agrees that a little salt wouldn't hurt. i love your anchovy addition to compensate for the bland bread. and i agree with creative license that having stale bread or toasting the bread cubes in the oven first makes for a sturdier panzanella. thank you for this - i'm making it the next time my anchovy-averse husband is away for dinner.

Recipe: Panzanella with Mint and Anchovy
9/9/11 02:33 AM

probably so. which is why i end up cooking at home even when i'm dying for an out - it's food i can count on.

love that you are in c-bus! not that i needed more reasons to love the kitchn. =)

Pasta Recipe: Sausage & Fennel Ragù
9/7/11 02:43 PM

mmm...i'm all over this! was your restaurant fennel pasta at basi italia? was so excited when i saw it on the menu there, but i was disappointed with the dish. this looks like what i was hoping for - can't wait to try it.

Pasta Recipe: Sausage & Fennel Ragù
9/7/11 02:17 PM

how funny, my daughter and i were just researching switchel early this summer after reading little house. it's the original gatorade.

i have to say, it's pretty hard to drink vinegar, even sweetened (i drank straight up ACV daily this spring for health reasons but it never got easier).

but you certainly can't go wrong with ginger and honey. and i'd drink it over dye-filled "sports" drinks any time.

Drink Recipe: Ginger Switchel
8/25/11 11:29 AM

i agree - lard is so much better than crisco. i could make lard (though yeah, kind of a pain), but vegetable shortening is something that requires a whole load of chemicals and industrial processing. and it has no taste.

for anyone near columbus, OH, Just Pies makes amazing pies here - flaky, tender crusts made with lard. old school and awesome.

Lard: What's the Big Deal?
8/25/11 11:17 AM

my favorite is fennel, orange and avocado salad - so very refreshing. roasted fennel with parmesan is awfully good too, though with summer it maybe better to grill.

What Can I Make With Fresh Fennel?
Good Questions

7/18/11 04:49 PM

i have these in my central OH yard! somehow serviceberry didn't sound like something you'd want to eat. can't wait to harvest some tomorrow morning (before i barricade myself inside from the heat). thanks, faith!

Sweet Surprise in the Front Yard: Juneberries!
6/9/11 12:48 AM

i agree, i too remember the real orchard and fruit stand that were a sunnyvale landmark. i have not had the heart to go to the strip mall version of cj olsons. don't blame them for selling out - it was an inevitability given the meteoric rise in silicon valley real estate values over the last 40 years - but i like hanging on to my memories of the real deal.

still nice to know you can drive a half hour south and pick cherries in gilroy.

in any case, i'm with operagirlcooks - fantastic to see a silicon valley institution featured here.

C.J. Olson Cherries: An Iconic Silicon Valley Fruit Stand
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6/7/11 11:45 PM

sweet avocado, love the idea! can't wait to try it.

loved the crushed almonds on top too - i've been putting them on a cucumber avocado soup i've been eating lately on extra-hot days. like this recipe, it's a quick trip in a blender, and it's awfully handy to have lunch in a mug.

Avocado Breakfast Pudding from Lizzie of Tomboy Style
Breakfast with a Blogger

5/25/11 03:53 PM

summer salads, my favorite! just made my first of the season - orzo with zucchini, mint, lemon and feta - and it made the world feel sunnier already.

thanks as always for all the fresh ideas. i think faith's broccoli and feta pasta salad will be dinner tonight.

Picnic Salads & Beyond: 15 Recipes for Memorial Day
Recipe Roundup

5/25/11 03:42 PM

emma, this looks awesome - i have everything but avocado on hand...but i have guacamole! will get to cbc to try the real deal sometime too. nice to see a c-bus related post here. =)

Weeknight Recipe: Southwestern Pizza with Black Beans and Corn
5/22/11 04:07 PM

my husband always has chocolate pie for his birthday. he and his brother and dad all have birthdays within a week, so pie breaks up the cake repetition. it's so good his sister now has pie for her birthday too.

i tried for years to make this pie - a rich, old-fashioned pudding type - and it's a family joke that my mother-in-law never gave me the right recipe so that hers would always be best. after a few years she finally let me in on the secret (heaping tablespoons, but not too heaping). i finally translated it into exact measurements to save future generations the trouble. =P

Let's Celebrate! 8 Alternatives to Birthday Cake
5/22/11 03:56 PM