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Anything reclaimed is welcomed into my home.

Win This Reclaimed Wood Mirror from heidiBARKUNframes!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/4/10 08:08 AM

Awwwww.....how cute!

Win This Owl Adventure Pack from Imagine Childhood!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/4/10 08:07 AM

Just in time! My printer is on the skids.... this one's a beauty.

Win This ENVY 100 from HP!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/4/10 08:06 AM

How beautiful!

Win This Beam Clock from Maison de Kristine!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/4/10 08:04 AM

Just my style!

Win This Napa Grape Vine Candelabra from Seltzer Studios!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/4/10 08:03 AM

Can't get in either. Guess we'll have to try later!

Holiday Giveaway Daily Roundup: 12.02.2010
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12/2/10 06:50 PM

How nice.......I'd be the envy of all my wine loving friends!

Win This Winebreather Carafe from Emmo Home!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/2/10 06:49 PM

Not only does this look nice, it would be a big help in my bedroom.....

Win This Humanair Air Purifier from Humanscale!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/2/10 06:47 PM

This is just my style!

Win This Mushroom Stool from SHIMNA!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/2/10 06:43 PM

French press please.....

Win This Chambord French Press from Bodum!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/1/10 06:35 PM

I like the sleek design..

Win This BRANN Pendant Light from Pickett Furniture!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/1/10 06:34 PM


Win These Organic Storage Bins from Polka Dot Peacock!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/1/10 06:33 PM

Very beautiful! Would love to win this :)

Win This Coriander Quilt from Sang and Serena!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/1/10 06:32 PM

This would look awesome in my bedroom! Fun, fun, fun......

Win This Gypsy Chandelier from High Fashion Home!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/1/10 06:31 PM

Who can't use a good chef's knife....and a gorgeous one at that!

Win This 20 cm Chef's Knife from Fissler!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/30/10 05:24 PM

Just adorable!

Win This Alphabet Lithograph from Eric Carle Museum!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/30/10 05:23 PM

I don't understand it either, but it's pretty cool looking.

Win This ICON from Jawbone!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/30/10 05:22 PM

Retro and earthy all at the same time! Really cute piece....

Win This Bolacha Side Table from Rotsen Furniture!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/30/10 05:20 PM

This is so cool......

Win This Pink Goat Head from Roots!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/30/10 05:19 PM

Love the retro look for the young ones!

Win This Kid Kraft Vintage Kitchen from Zulily!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/29/10 06:01 PM