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I love getting the Costco ones. We use half one day for chicken soup and half the next day for burritos. I like these from Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/chicken-mushroom-and-goat-cheese-burritos

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9/16/09 03:56 PM

I've been living with my boyfriend for almost nine months, and the design of our home together is a constant challenge. I moved into his place (an old farmhouse that we are fortunate enough to live in rent free) from a house that I had owned with my ex-husband and had lovingly remodeled with total free reign from top to bottom. There are many facets to my frustration - spatial challenges, financial limitations, an abundance of crap (mine too), and copious amounts of knotty pine - but I've realized that if we focus on our shared likes (vintage industrial, original art) instead of our differences, we are both a lot happier overall. I believe we'll one day have a space that reflects both of us individually and as a couple, but we just have to be patient and enjoy the process.

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8/4/09 11:11 AM

For me, it always seems like the level of professionalism and polish in the designs and behavior on Design Star is a little sub par, especially for the contestants who are actually interior designers. I am usually disappointed in the execution, especially the past two challenges, but I do feel the judges are doing a great job this season in eliminating people who deserve to go. (Though I wonder how Tashica made it to the competition in the first place.) Candice Olsen has been a great addition to the judging panel, and I am glad that they aren't holding back from telling people when their work is truly awful. I, too, am picking Dan as this season's winner.

All that being said, Color Splash is one of my favorite shows on HGTV.

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8/4/09 10:57 AM

Love it. I have been thinking about painting our front door yellow. I might just go for it now.

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7/20/09 11:45 AM

While this isn't exactly my style, there are elements of it that I appreciate - the child's bedroom, the dresser with the hats. I think it is interesting to see her style (I haven't seen either show featuring the home or cottage) for her own home vs that of her clients'. I really enjoyed some of her earliest episodes of Room Service when the clients had small spaces and budgets. I always thought she was pretty creative in her solutions. Design Inc. not so much. But shouldn't every designer be growing and evolving? She has been around for a while now.

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7/14/09 04:25 PM

I bought storage tins from IKEA and store the onions in the largest one and the garlic in the smallest one. This has worked pretty well for me. When I run out, I just dump the skins into the trash. The large tin can hold a five pound sack of yellow onions, and the small one can hold three large cloves of garlic. I probably go through this amount almost weekly, so I don't know how they would keep in these tins long term.

Incidentally, I use the square tin for napkins - it's the perfect size - and the round tin for the small round spices.

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2/18/09 03:55 PM

Beautiful Girls

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I really only watch Sarah Richardson - in fact, I have her on right now. I like how she explains all of her decisions and that the show pretty low key in comparison to the HGTV productions.

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6/11/08 08:17 AM

love it!

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We have the same cabinets and a black granite counter. We used the 1x3 glass subway tiles from Susan Jablon Mosaics (http://susanjablonmosaics.com/). I love how it turned out. You can do custom blends, order sample sheets, etc., all online. There are tons of choices, so I am sure you would find a color combination that works for you. What about a mix of pale yellows and yellow based greens?

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1/10/08 11:58 AM