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This might have been interesting, had there been any feedback whatsoever from the question poster !

How Can I Make This Tiny Kitchen Functional? Good Questions
9/12/13 04:32 AM

Ha ! Vanessa .. This description makes me want to see your kitchen and your backyard 'oasis in the making' ! Any chance you'll be submitting it ?

Get Happier at Home: Take Time to Notice Small Pleasures
7/30/13 04:23 PM

What a fabulous reno ! Love all the detailing. And the 'feel' of the space comes right on through the screen, here ! Fantastic job !

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/18/13 03:33 PM

Totally agree with Bo. this is an easy fix for a faux finisher, used to playing with wood fillers/papier mache/veneer and stain/paint. Unless you're intending to slice a larger strip of the veneer away and find an exact match, make sure you, or whoever does the repair, rip the veneer patches with your fingers (as opposed to cutting with a craft knife) and use a very light sandpaper, to blend the jagged edges together, before correcting the colour .. which (in my experience) is better done with a tiny dab of shoe polish than with wood stain (which soaks into porous surfaces, like particle board, in a way that's impossible to correct if you get it too dark !) You need an artist, rather than a carpenter, I think .... So you're, at least, living in the right neighbourhood !

How Can I Repair Wood Veneer Damaged by Painter's Tape? Good Questions
1/22/13 01:08 PM

@cleogrrl, Your table sounds great ! You painted a wonderful picture of it, in your description !

Strategies for (Very) Big Holiday Gatherings In a Small (ish) Home
11/27/12 12:44 PM

Mel-Bel, I have to agree. I think someone saw the potential for profit ... not in developing the site, but in pretending that was their intention. I seriously doubt it's even possible to buy a FLW house and not be aware of the fact, particularly one that had remained in his family until quite recently.

Should Preservationists Have a Say in What You Can Do with Your Home?
10/30/12 01:09 PM

@Enid ... In my experience, it's best to stay away from 'contact' paper because of the horribly sticky adhesive ... which is almost impossible to remove from any surface, without a ton of elbow grease (if you already have the problem, try cooking oil and a rag to remove the tacky glue that remains after you've stripped the paper surface off .. this works better than anything else I've ever tried !)

Real wallpaper, or even fabric, applied with a water soluble wallpaper paste, is easy to apply to kitchen cabinets and shelves and easy to remove (with soapy water.) I've found that sealing the paper/fabric surface with a few coats of polyurethane sealant (again, use the water based products for easy clean up) will give you a wipeable surface that looks permanent but is relatively easy to remove, when the time comes. (Score the paper and apply soapy water to soften it and it will come off easily.)

I actually like the use of fabric below the sink (though think the fabric choice in the pic above looks a little on the 'stiff' side .. a softer fabric would have hung better) but I think I would have gone for open shelving .. and wallpapered the backs of the shelves .. if the little kitchen above had been mine.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets an Adorable Update
9/17/12 01:02 PM

Runemistress, the biggest advantage, in my opinion,is that a duvet cover is so much easier to switch out and wash than a comforter. You can use your comforter in the same way as a duvet and make different covers for it, using the 'tie tips' above to hold it in place. With regular duvets, I find that the knack to keeping the duvet in place is to take the bottom two corners (gripping both cover and duvet tightly) and give it a couple of shakes toward the head of the bed. You'll find that the duvet rearranges itself nicely inside the cover ... in much the same way it magically slipped downwards during the night ! The trick is to make sure your homemade cover is snug, not too big for the duvet you're using. The idea for the ties in the corners has been used for a hundred years or so in Europe and works very well indeed.

Tips for Sewing Your Own Duvet Cover
9/12/12 05:36 PM

SARAH H ........ What a lovely post ! I agree, absolutely, "Home is where the heart is" !

5 Tips for Beating the Underwater Blues
8/15/12 10:19 PM

@shirleyzb ... Why give up 'initiating' ? It sounds as though you put on some really good 'Do's', that other people enjoyed (and, presumably you did too) and that your main peeve is that others aren't as good as you are, when it comes to arranging 'get-togethers'. Maybe these people just know they can't compete when it comes to being a great hostess and don't mean to be 'insincere' at all.

Finding Friendship at Every Stage
of Your Life

8/13/12 03:00 PM

@JulianneMay ... I totally agree with FatKitty ...... Stay away ! I'm glad you had a mother to go back to and the great good sense to leave when you did. I wish you the best of luck creating your new (improved) life without your abusive partner !

Finding Friendship at Every Stage
of Your Life

8/13/12 02:44 PM

@Transote, Sorry not to have got back to you sooner .. I've been busy selling my house and so haven't visited in a while !

I'm lucky to be living in Mexico, where natural mineral paints (powders) are available in all sort of colours and in just about every little hardware store in town ! Simply mix with water .. and your off ! I wasn't sure of name brands available in the States, but did do a quick search, and came up with this link, which looks pretty promising :

I'm sure there's a lot more info out there and hope you've already managed to locate the paint you wanted .. or if not, that the above link will help !

If you buy your paint in powder form, be warned that the tiniest amounts make a huge difference in the colour you're creating ! After a bit of practice, it becomes great fun and very satisfying too, knowing that you're not going to be left with any sticky mess after finishing a project. Extra paint can be stored in screw-top jars (I have a nice collection !) and used for the base colour, or part of the colour mix, for your next project !

I have found that anything, once the surface is prepared properly, will take and retain this paint ... when topped with several coats of water-based urethane. ... My concrete floor is still going strong and gets constant wear, being the floor at the back of the house, where the the traffic is all from the garden and patio areas. My wooden tables also take a lot of abuse and are similarly resistant to it all. ... Let me know how you get on !

Real Life Design Lessons: When Your DIY Seems Doomed
8/1/11 03:43 PM

This guy certainly has a lot of fans ! Not living in the States, I haven't seen his show, but wonder how the responses to his home would have read, had he not been a popular celebrity designer. The loft itself is a fantastic space, but I find all the little groupings of 'clutter' less than appealing. I love 'stuff' but, for me at least, the smaller 'bits and bobs' just look messy ... particularly in the kitchen, where they are displayed on undersized shelving, on that vast expanse of wall. The stairway and adjoining wall are just as cluttered and make me think of a Saturday morning 'display' .. at someone's garage sale. ... In short, I'd love to go shopping in his house but, decorated the way it is, I'd definitely not want to live in it !

Design Star Antonio Ballatore's Downtown Loft
House Tour

8/1/11 03:00 PM

Transote, I agree with you with regard to latex paint .. it can and does peel. Also, like you, I can't stand the fumes from oil based products.

Many years ago, I started using water-based products only, and have found that one of the the most durable finishes (and the easiest to apply) is a combination of flat paint and water based polyurethane (also suggested by PrettyHandyGirl).

For wooden furniture (if previously glossy) after some sanding by hand, I use a liquid sander and then the flat paint (no latex) which dries very rapidly and can be sanded between coats. Once I have a nice smooth finish, I apply several coats of clear polyurethane ... which you can get in a variety of finishes, matt to full gloss, depending on the look you want.

I do a lot of 'custom' and 'distressed' finishes, and find that working with matt paint allows me much more flexibility when I'm looking to make paint look old or 'worn', since you can easily add flecks of slightly different colours, or tones of the same colour, without any fear that you're going to end up with a streaky, gummy mess or that you'll have brush marks showing (this problem is avoided altogether when using matt paint, in my experience.)

I recently painted a concrete floor using the same products and techniques and have found it to be a way better finish than that achieved by using paints specifically designed for concrete .. which I've been unhappy with in the past.

For me, it's all about the 'controllability' of the project ! Water-based products allow you the luxury of stopping and starting to your hearts content, since a quick rinse of the brushes (and yourself) with plain water is all that's needed (for short breaks, you need only pop your paint laden brush into a plastic bag and it will be fine for a good 24 hours.)

Good luck with the chairs !

Real Life Design Lessons: When Your DIY Seems Doomed
6/28/11 05:03 PM

From the looks of the unanswered comments here, some dating from 2008, I'd say nobody from AT has actually checked this page since it first went up !

House Tour Submission Form
6/17/11 02:18 PM

Absolutely disagree with the idea of resting "at least the front two legs of a sofa or chair" on the area rug. A rug that looks like a "bath mat" will look that way because it's too small for the space and/ or not relating to the furniture placement in the room. The one in the picture looks good because it defines the coffee table space and allows a nice border of wooden floor in front of the sectional. ... Were that sofa sitting right on the edge of a rug, it would look hideously badly placed. Actually, I'm not sure why this particular photo was chosen to accompany the article, since it doesn't illustrate any of the points therein !

Real Life Guidelines: Proper Furniture Spacing Basics
6/16/11 02:54 PM

Just fabulous ! I'm going back for a second look, since I failed to notice the TV ! Love every stick of furniture, including the folding chairs. Hope you have that job by now !

Evan & Greg's Small Cool Downtown LA Loft
House Tour

12/13/10 11:38 PM

Fabulous ! All of it !

Architect Ira Rakatansky's Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece
House Tour

12/9/10 03:32 PM

Have to agree with those who have commented on the dreadful photography. So many ceiling shots, I assumed the photographer had fallen over, halfway through the shoot, camera set on automatic.

Adam Hacks in FiDi
House Tour

12/9/10 03:30 PM

Beautiful! But how sad that it has been broken into several times. That would spoil it all for me.

Rosie Oates' Once Upon a Time Sheep Farm
Green Tour

12/9/10 12:19 AM