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One of my all time favourite nurseries!! Oh my goodness I love everything! Bravo!

Tyler & Lucas' Scandinavian MCM Room Kids Room Tour
8/14/13 04:01 PM

Adorable! This is so great because I'm in the process of creating my nursery (navy and gold) this is great inspiration! It's such a coincidence because I ordered custom gold decals to match the exact same wallpaper (I'm putting them on the ceiling). If I had your talent i would do a mural!

Ari's Emerald & Gold, Land & Sky Nursery My Room
7/5/13 12:49 AM

I really am a horrible house cleaner. I hate it all but mostly cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I love to cook but I can make a fabulous mess!

What's Your Least Favorite Household Chore?
6/27/13 01:01 PM

Lovely room! Great job on all the DIY! I'm in the middle of designing my nursery and I'll be lucky I mine turns out half as nice as this!

Louis's Tiny (but Grand!)
Chinoiserie Menagerie Nursery Tour

3/5/13 07:53 PM

I bought the Beleduc layered puzzle for my nephew when he was about two. He still loves it a year later and likes to teach others how to do it. Such a great puzzle and the pieces are very sturdy!

Great Finds: Discovering the Human Body with Preschoolers
9/19/12 04:34 PM

This is a common question so do a search and you'll find tons of ideas. I like the lamb ragu. It freezes beautifully. Also think about sending her some healthy snacks. The first trimester can be the hardest if she has morning sickness or sensitivity to foods/smells. A nice herbal tea (safe for pregnancy), healthy muffins and a jar of pickles may be a place to start.

Suggestions for Healthy & Freezer-Friendly Meals to Make for a Pregnant Friend? Good Questions
9/10/12 02:54 PM

LOLAX - hehe your comment is spot on.

A Monochromatic Room for Siblings My Room
8/2/12 07:43 PM

I don't have cable and I'm counting the days until we move our only TV into the basement (which we rent now). I'd go TV free completely if it weren't for a good movie now and then. We use AppleTV for that. Good post AT.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable
7/27/12 01:58 PM

Available in Canada? They don't seem to ship here, too bad since my Nephew would love them!!!

Splashimals Bath Toy Family Find
5/5/12 01:44 AM

It's hard to tell from the picture what the paint is like but I think a fresh coat of WHITE paint and some long curtains would do wonders. I have a similar style attic bedroom (also one window) and I regret trying to paint it a color (soft purple/grey). The slanted ceilings cast shadows and I feel that bright white is the best way to go. I'm re-paining my room this summer.

If your landlord will let you paint DO IT! I think it's the cheapest way to brighten up a space. Leave the color for the decor.

I think that your best use of the light/space is to place the area that you will be using the most next to the window. That may be the table or sofa or desk, depending on your lifestyle.

Sometimes you can find cool (low) antique wardrobes on line kijiji/craigslist. Something like this -- (if you don't mind some DIY) http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-furniture-dressers-wardrobes-1950s-solid-wood-wardrobe-W0QQAdIdZ370126738

If you're in Edmonton Hi! This rain sucks!

Advice for Living in Attic Rental? Good Questions
4/13/12 11:54 PM


Meg's Room For Three
Room Tour

4/3/12 05:29 PM

Love Love Love this room!

Meg's Room For Three
Room Tour

4/3/12 04:27 PM

EDW - David Netto Cabine Crib, $1595

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
3/26/12 03:30 PM

dustinstruckmeyer that made me laugh!!

Log. I sleep through my husband’s pager, the dogs barking, pretty much everything. I’ve slept through the night my entire life, even as a premature infant. Although I imagine my sleeping habits might change once we have kids (or so I hear). I also LOVE to sleep, it’s one of my favorite things to do. In bed at 9 pm!

Catching Some Z's: Are You a Log or a Feather?
3/26/12 03:25 PM


This lamb stew looks great!

FELTTIPJR - you made me laugh out loud.

Help Me Throw a Dinner Party in Honor of The Hunger Games FilmDinner Party Questions
3/23/12 08:36 PM

I think these photos are stunning. What an interesting (and intimate) project.

Beautifully Creepy: Nick Knight's Sleep Portraits
3/23/12 08:32 PM

This is SO lovely! I made food for my best friend when she had her second (the lamb ragu on this site freezes beautifully). I also went over the week after the birth and cooked since her husband had to work. There is nothing more rewarding then helping a new mom take care of a new life! This box is going above and beyond. I adore it!

PAMTT you're totally right, this box could be for anyone (at any time) who needs a little pick-me-up!

The New Baby Taco Box
3/22/12 07:50 PM

Love everything about this room! Amazing job.

Saf's Pint-Size Personal History Nursery Tour
3/19/12 06:43 PM

I love your choices so far (besides maybe the chair, it looks huge!) but I'm wondering if you are planning to incorporate anything vintage/retro/antique? So far it looks very new to me... I think layering in some older pieces (maybe with sentimental value) would be more interesting than just all new high/low stuff. The easiest way to be eco is to recycle.

But maybe this is your plan also…
Excited to see what you come up with next.

Mixing High-Quality & Budget-Friendly Furnishings in Our Nursery Nesting a Nursery
3/19/12 02:25 PM

I would love some pictures with the curtains open. I think this is a great project! So excited to hear all about the budget and plans. The comments are awesome - ANNSTARR you made my day :)

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/11/12 02:36 PM