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looks great

Before & After: Christina Rocks a Radiator Makeover
6/12/14 09:25 PM

I think she took something kind of stodgy and made it fun! I like it (and I thought I was over chevron) so I would say nice work!

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/28/14 09:26 PM

You did a nice job. The tufted back looks great but the rest doesn't really work for me. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it though.

Before & After: A Sturdy Settee Gets a Makeover for a Patio!
5/28/14 09:23 PM

The birds eye maple is gorgeous but the blue and knobs don't really work for me. I'm sure it has a place on honor in your home though. Nice work.

Before & After: A Knockout Dresser Gets Even Better
5/28/14 09:20 PM


Before & After: From Beige Dresser to Faux Card Catalog Bookcase
4/27/14 04:49 PM

It is hard to make these things look good but you did a great job!

Before & After: A Cast-Off Glider Gets a Sunny, Springy Makeover
4/18/14 02:43 PM

I have three girls who love to play dress-up and something like this would last a hot second in our house. Hangers would never work when it came time to pick up. While this seems like a way to upcycle an old entertainment center, I wonder how realistic it is for how kids play. Seems you could have put a mirror on the wall and a basket for the dress-ups and gotten the same effect with a whole lot less work. But maybe that isn't the point?!

Before & After: Entertainment Center to Dress Up Station Vintage Revivals
4/18/14 02:42 PM

This is my kind of renovation! You kept the great parts and upgraded the not-so great parts. I live in a 90+ year old home too and I feel like you have to work with the space and age of the place in which you're living. Well done!

Before & After: A Vintage Bathroom Gets a Charming New Look
4/15/14 08:39 PM

The color in the picture is reading only slightly darker than the same sofa I have with the gray slipcover. Seems like the pillows are jazzing it up here. Not the slipcover.

Before & After: IKEA's Ektorp Leaves Bland Behind
4/15/14 08:30 PM


Before & After: Makeshift Ironing Board Gets a Magical Transformation
4/15/14 08:24 PM

Those chairs are not my style at all but I love seeing follow-up on good questions. And that looks like an impressive upholstery job!

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/11/14 09:13 PM

I looooove the navy wall!

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/11/14 02:08 PM

NIce work!

Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 02:03 PM

What a difference! I love it!

Before & After: Renovating Tips from a Tiny Half Bath
4/11/14 01:54 PM

it is so happy! I love it!

Before & After: Alexa's Affordable Stenciled Vinyl Bathroom Floor Makeover
4/5/14 05:59 PM

So now granite countertops and cherry cabinets are "dated" AT? Give me a break. You show before and afters where the after is the very thing pictured in the first photograph.

Before & After: A Mini Kitchen Makeover on the Cheap
3/28/14 04:02 PM

Both before and after floors on their own are nice but I often wonder why one would do something like this if they are living in a "modern" home? I work in an old mill building that has amazing floors like this. But it is over 200 years old! It doesn't seem to fit your space but I admire your commitment and fortitude to pull something like that off!

Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
3/25/14 05:55 PM

These are my favorite kind of before/after projects! Nice work!

Before & After: A 60-Year-Old Chair Gets a Facelift
3/25/14 05:44 PM

I know the owners addressed the issue about the fridge but they didn't say anything about the stove which is clearly different from what's in the picture.

Before & After: A Refreshed and Revamped Kitchen For $1000
3/23/14 05:23 PM

The wood is gorgeous and the upholstery job is well-done. I hope never to see another chevron make-over on AT again though.

Before & After: Gossip Bench Breakdown
3/11/14 09:03 PM