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Have borrowed from the library, love, and on a wish list:

Compact Cabins
Happier At Home
Design Sponge

New ones I can't wait to get my hands on:

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Young House Love
Decorate Workshop

Booklovers! Tell Us… What Interiors, Art & Design Titles are on Your Wishlist?
11/1/12 09:55 AM

My son used to have a cavity every cleaning for years. Once we actually switched to NO flouride...hasn't had a cavity since. That was 3 1/2 yrs. ago. Most of this country is actually over-fluoridated, which hurts more then it helps.

Dentists Pick Their Favorite Eco-Toothpastes
The Green Life

10/30/10 01:49 PM

Incredibly inviting home. If we were friends I think I'd invite myself over quite often!

Cate's California Cottage
House Call

10/28/10 10:23 PM

Put out a bowl with lemons and limes in it....temporary yellow/green pick-me-up.

Kitchen Color Combo: Green and Yellow
10/18/10 01:01 PM

We buy ours from Honey Health Farms. They are local to Central Ohio but I believe they will ship anywhere.

Where Can I Buy Honey in Glass Jars?
Good Questions

10/13/10 10:14 PM

My green guilt: when the kid junk that piles up all over the house gets out of control, I walk around with a plastic trash bag pitching it instead of appropriately recycling. Sanity has to win sometimes!

Green Guilt
The New York Times

10/8/10 02:48 PM

We have some from Target, the brand is Bialetti. I can't find a link to them on the website but I think they were about $6 each, have held up really well, and come with a resealable lid so you can take them for lunch.

Help Me Find Good Bowls for French Onion Soup?
Good Questions

10/8/10 12:00 PM

Does anyone know where to find a good supply in Cols, OH?

Vintage Flashcards Collected for the Home
9/28/10 04:42 PM

We live just outside Columbus Ohio. Two weeks ago we went to pick apples at a new-to-us orchard and found a little shed where you left your money in a rusted metal box. I loved it! So nice to have someone you don't know trust you.

In Praise Of the Roadside Honor Stand
9/21/10 10:26 PM

Wholesome Sweeteners posted a response to this debate:

Agave Nectar: Healthful or Harmful?
9/18/10 11:51 PM

The Pioneer Woman's spicy shredded pork, apple pecan bread and experimenting with some farro.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of September 18-19, 2010

9/18/10 10:56 PM

@akgreengirl Several years ago, all 3 of our kids shared one room. A 3 yr. old, 2 yr. old and a newborn. Most of the time the older two wouldn't even wake up when the baby did, and they very quickly got used to mom/dad coming in several times at night to take care of him and learned to go back to sleep when they did wake. I don't think it affected their sleep at all either b/c they never seemed to remember our nightly meetings or seem cranky from the interruptions.

Since then we have had several different sleeping arrangements with the kids and really, they all work out fine. Right now our situation is just like this post. We have enough rooms for everyone to have their own, but 2 of the kids requested to share for awhile anyway, so we turned the extra into a playroom. We all really love it. The toys still end up all over the house, but the "playroom" houses most of them, has a huge chalkboard and white board, and a private reading nook for when someone needs to hide out.

Have Your Kids Double Up and Create a Playroom
8/28/10 09:25 AM


Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

8/3/10 01:54 PM

We've lived within the same 2 mile area for 7+ yrs. but in 3 different places. Each move was worth it and we're currently contemplating another.

Would You Move Just One Block?
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8/3/10 09:02 AM

We have two twin beds. That way, they have their own space when they want it, but there are still plenty of nights we go in and find they've climbed into one bed together. :)

Best Shared Room Sleeping Setup for Siblings
Good Questions

7/28/10 02:05 PM

We bought a modular 15 months ago and it's been great for our family of 5. 3 corners, 3 middles and a large matching ottoman. Usually it is together as a sectional, but the middles can serve as individual chairs when we want to change it up. You can also slide the ottoman up and have a huge bed for a family movie night.

Sectional or Sofa? Reader Intelligence Report | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/23/10 03:17 PM

I just dump it right on top of a pork shoudler in the crock pot, yum!

What Are Some Everyday Ways to Cook With Jam? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/20/10 06:41 PM

We have a 6 qt. dutch oven from the MS enamel coated cast iron from Macy's and LOVE it. We have been married 10 years and gone through several cheap "sets" of cookware and have learned that all you need is a few, quality pieces. We plan on adding a few more from the same collection as they go on sale. Definitely don't pay full price, we picked up the first piece at 50% off.

Help Me Find Colorful Yet Good Quality Cookware? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/11/10 06:54 PM

I didn't see anyone mention stuffing! We pick up whole chickens from the farmers market and stuff w/a homemade stuffing: bread cubes, stock, dried cranberries, carrots, onions and herbs. Make the rest on the stove to use as a side.

What Can You Do With Stale Bread? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/3/10 02:23 PM

Another suggestion that I didn't see mentioned yet is Rainbow Research. We've used several of their products and been very happy with them all.

DIY Baby Wash and Shampoo? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/13/10 09:25 AM