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Hey guys, searched in Google and you came up near the top so I thought I would leave feedback.

I have been using the back plate from CNN (same as shown above) for a day and have had noticeable issues with signal loss. Just now I did a test with the original glass back and CNN's back. The difference is a full two bars of signal sitting in the exact same spot and giving it about a minute between swaps. This is my phone though which I do believe (obviously) suffers from the death grip.

The way it is manufactured is a very thin metal overly on a plastic back. It is decent quality besides the screw mounts. However I noticed a metallic silver strip running up the factory iPhone 4 glass back that is missing on CNN's. This may be the issue although I am just basing it on the most obvious when comparing.

Just thought i'd share.


Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
11/18/10 11:55 PM