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We purchased our used Oeuf on craigslist for more than what you are asking and I thought it was a bargain at the time! We never would have paid full price for it, but it is definitely a high quality piece of furniture and I am so glad someone was parting with theirs at a price we could afford. Like many other commenters, I would recommend relisting it with an expanded search area.

Sell Cheap or Keep This Oeuf Crib? Good Questions
4/25/12 03:49 AM

I used to be a nanny in Paris to a little girl from when she was 4-6 years old, and now I now I live in France and have my own little guy, who took his first trip to Paris at 7 months. Paris is a wonderful city for visiting with children. For the logistical aspects, I would highly recommend an umbrella stroller and your usual Ergo. We have a Maclaren and it is great for sidewalks and not too cumbersome when you take the bus or the metro.
Contrary to what a lot of people say, August is a nice time to visit Paris. As many Parisians are on vacation themselves, the city is a bit more calm. True, certain shops may be closed for the month, but museums and larger stores are open.
Also, it is totally a myth that French children are well behaved at all times. They are like children everywhere.
Bon voyage!

Help My Family with Toddling around Paris? Good Questions
4/25/12 03:09 AM

As a new mommy with a 3 month old, I encourage you to buy from the registry. Even though my husband and I are financially comfortable, baby gear IS expensive. All the little things add up quicky! As others have suggested, get a gift from the registry and then add something more personal. Books are a great idea. The girlfriend who hosted my babyshower asked the guests to give books instead of cards, so now our little one already has a decent library.

Unique Non-Baby Baby Gift
Good Questions

4/8/11 09:46 AM

I love the dresser/changing table. Where is it from?

Zoey's Fun & Fresh Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #66

11/18/10 07:50 PM