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This question totally cracked me up too, but only because I had the same problem years ago...and only until I actually wrote "TRASH" all over it did it disappear. But, I don't think it was the trashman - I think it was the people who drive around looking for goodies on trash day. Ha!

How Do I Throw Away a Trash Can?
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11/16/11 12:40 AM

What a great upgrade - nice job!

Before & After: A DIY Kitchen Makeover
An Urban Cottage

11/10/11 09:27 AM

Agreed. Spray paint, especially some black glossy is the answer for some things...but this just doesn't do it for me.

Spray Paint Silverware Handles for a Custom Look
Sania Pell at Home

11/10/11 09:17 AM

Definitely looks like a brownish purple to me as well. I like the color, looks nice it what appears to be a rather well lit, bright room.

Pure Home has a couple of colors close to this one - - check it out and build a color palette.

What Color Is This Wall?
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11/10/11 09:16 AM

Great idea! I've never painted because I've always rented (someday I'll buy - I swear!) and doing all that work only to have to repaint, or lose deposit money, when moving out never seemed to make sense to me. This is a great way to add a wonderful pop of color and pattern without hurting any of that fine print in your lease!

Pattern for Renters: Stenciled Curtains
7/14/11 10:39 AM

I agree with the folks that say stay white - I think they work well in that kitchen. And, you can do a lot with everything else leaving them white!

What Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?
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7/14/11 10:37 AM

What an awesome post - thanks! One of my favorite parts of a vacation is the hotel...and I am admittedly a hotel junkie of sorts. Getting gems like these under $200 is superb! Definitely saving this list.

Hotels Around The World Under $200
7/14/11 10:36 AM

Ovens and stoves turning on my themselves is VERY scary! Nevertheless - a pretty hilarious story all around. When good kitchens go bad! Ha!!

Help, My Kitchen Is Possessed! When Appliances Act Crazy
5/19/11 11:04 PM

Love, love, love Glassbaby! I'm a Seattle-ite, so I'm biased. But these are the best tealight candle holders on the market!

Glassybaby: Design for a Cause
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5/19/11 02:23 AM

I like both. I guess it really depends on the overall style of the kitchen that you chose design wise. Honestly, I really like a mix of both. Show off the cool kitchenware. Hide the not so attractive stuff!

Kitchen Shelving Style: Open or Concealed?
5/19/11 02:22 AM

Seriously, I'm cursed. Every plant that I go near dies! I can't grow herbs, ferns, or any other "easy" plant. Hell, weeds die around me!

The 10 Best & Easiest to Grow Herbs
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5/19/11 02:21 AM

Love the fridge - great pop of color where people least expect it!

Silvia's Colorful Home
4/23/11 11:54 AM

Seriously, what you've done with 400 sq ft is amazing. Great job.

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/23/11 11:53 AM

It definitely looks cool, just not sure I'd be able to pull it off! I had concrete floors (not radiant...) in a loft I lived in a few years back - not only cold on the feet but also caused a lot of holey socks. Sad face!

DIY Concrete-Look Flooring

4/7/11 07:06 PM

Absolutely. Definitely worth splurging on the real thing when it comes to all furniture in my opinion. You want it to last!

When Should You Splurge On the Real Thing?
3/30/11 06:40 PM

All I can say is LOVE! I would agree with a lot of the other comments, probably the BEST space I've seen on Apartment Therapy. Definitely on my list of dream homes!

Philip & Leona’s Wide Open Loft
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3/25/11 11:57 AM

I love this. Restoration Hardware has one and I've had my eye on it for some time now!

A Television In The Bedroom… On An Easel!
World of Interiors

3/14/11 02:57 PM

I completely agree with you - even though we all might not be able to withstand being in one of these small dwellings for too long his use of materials is phenomenal! If we all thought this way before junking things our landfills would be much smaller.

Tiny Houses by Derek Diedricksen
3/14/11 02:53 PM

Love that light in what looks to be the main entrance. Works very well with your space!

Stephen and Jessica's Artfully Arranged Home and Studio
House Tour

3/11/11 03:11 PM

My first year out of the dorms in college I lived in a very questionable house with three friends. And, because I'm always trying to keep the peace I so graciously took the smallest room. Yes, the one without a window. The one without a closet. The one with only one electrical outlet (and not even a three prong one at that!). Where did I put my clothes you ask? Well, I was allowed to put my clothes on a wardrobe rolling rack in the "utility room" that also housed the water heater. So, for a year and a half I always kinda-sorts smelled like natural gas.

Half a Kitchen, And Other Bedrooms I Have Known
3/7/11 06:57 PM