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I don't yet own one, but I'm considering this iPod speaker dock. It's made of wood, not plastic!

I love the look (the speaker grill actually has a subtle design!) and the company seems to have a very "green" approach to their product. Just wanted to share!

(No, I do not work for this company. Just an admirer of what I've seen so far)

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1/25/08 08:56 AM

Thanks Joanna! You are right, I don't think I've seen a single Bluetick in the city.

P.S. I am also available for dog-sitting.

Apartment Therapy - Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/20/07 12:27 PM


What kind of coonhound do you have? I've always loved the breed (partial to Bluetick's) and have spent more than a few afternoons daydreaming at work while looking on RobDars and petfinder.

I've also heard that Mastiffs, Bernase Mountain Dogs, and some of the other large breeds are well suited for apartment living. They actually have very low energy levels and everytime I see them out being walked they do seem very lethargic and the owner is the one pulling the dog around.

Some day......Some day.....

Apartment Therapy - Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/20/07 11:43 AM

I can't say I really need a new TV (mine is only six years old), but what I can say is that I could really use an extra 18 inches!!! My garden apartment living room is only 9 feet wide, with a couch on one side and the TV on the other. My current TV is about 24 inches deep. This 5 inch deep flat screen TV would allow my eyes to be an extra 18 inches away from the screen! Now that Dutch scientists have proven that sitting too close to the television can make you go blind, I figure an extra 18 inches would give me two, maybe three more years of good eyesight! That's 24-36 more months of reading Apartment Therapy! Please don't take that away from me!!!

P.S. I entered the Small Cool contest so I can provide a picture:

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9/6/07 01:21 PM

I have two canvas bags which I try to use as much as possible in order to prevent a huge pile-up of plastic bags. When moving out of my last apartment, my roommates and I discovered we had filled an entire closet (floor to ceiling) with plastic bags. About 3 large garbage bags worth! Changes had to be made...

4/11/07 10:26 AM