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We do weekly photo shoots on a different backdrops :) the last week was a beatles theme and before that he was cupid


Month-by-Month Baby Photo Inspiration
2/25/11 07:42 PM

that kicks ass Leah- I just made a chandelier from two plant baskets a few weeks ago :)


How To Turn a Hanging Planter into a Cage Light
2/11/11 10:42 PM

thank you everyone!

@DahliaCactus & aerobicschica - i painted the ceiling yellow and sponged on some clouds free hand in a lighter yellow. I ordered the birds from Urban Outfitters - they're a really thin plastic. Then I spray painted them gray and nailed them to the ceiling to make sure they wouldn't fall down into the crib or anything.

@britters273 - I got the radio at Goodwill - but the brand is audio solutions and it says 'classic radio' on the top if that helps :)

Brigsby's Carnival
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #62

11/20/10 07:24 AM

heela - the cowhide is actually plush faux fur fabric from joanne's that i cut to resemble a cow hide. it ended up costing about $10 (on sale) for the 5x7 rug and it's thicker than a normal cowhide and cleans up really well.

Brigsby's Carnival
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #62

11/18/10 05:56 PM