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I made a bunch of these for my son's 3rd year birthday party, a farm theme. They were so cute - but a little frustrating to make with everything else I had to pull together.

Air Heads by Hector Serrano
1/17/12 02:46 PM

We did the same thing - organized into clear plastic shoe boxes by ailment. I like that I can pull a box out and see if what I need is in it before I open it.

Before & After: Reorganizing a Family Medicine Cabinet
Pancakes & French Fries

1/16/12 06:56 PM

I like it! But I love change...and seeing old thing re-interpreted. Wouldn't buy it at that price but still appreciate their effort.

2012 Trends: Lucite Furniture in the Nursery?
1/6/12 10:42 AM

I love the guitar on the wall. What a great use of space!

Shannon & Alicia's Vintage Modern Renter's Reno
House Call

10/25/11 02:40 PM


Jenn's Eclectic Industrial Modern Italianate
House Tour

10/25/11 02:29 PM

When I lived in LA, I drove out to Sherman Oaks to see the exterior of the Brady house (the inside was all studio, but the actual house does exist!). I couldn't believe how small it actually is in real life. There is no way the Brady interior could exist in the real home.

Design Remembrance: The Brady Bunch House
7/13/11 01:50 PM

Brilliant! I've always (kinda) wanted to make a quilt but wasn't totally in love with quilts. But with so many scraps of great fabric, it seemed like the thing to do. We have a big garden and this is a great way to tie it all in. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm adding a chicken to mine!!!

Make A Mini Vegetable Patch Quilt
The Purl Bee

5/31/11 12:12 PM

Good gawd these are cute!!!

Sew Your Own Doll Kits
5/31/11 12:09 PM

Here is my story when I made them with the India Tree brand:

Ideas for a Healthier Rainbow Cake?
Good Questions

5/26/11 01:02 AM


5 Accessories for a Tasteful Princess Party
Etsy Finds

4/27/11 09:01 PM

I still can't get away from these barn doors. Love them! We have a large wall in our homestead that has needed something for a long time. Think I'll drive to the wine country this week and hit up a salvage yard there. I see some of these in our living room's future.

Circus Pouf
4/26/11 11:57 AM

I've also seen some really cute lego birthday cakes. :)

LEGO-themed Party Favors
4/26/11 11:55 AM

Brilliant! I spy a couple *must haves* here.

Petite Collage's Spring Collection
4/8/11 09:42 PM

That barn is incredible! Beautiful party.

My Party: Serenity
Tulsa, OK

4/8/11 09:40 PM

Oh I am SO making a bunch of these for the couch each Valentines!!

Make a Giant Hot Lips Pillow
2/11/11 06:21 PM

So inspiring and I love your wall papers. You've inspired me to do the same!

Before & After: A Drab To Fab Thrifted Dollhouse
2/7/11 08:56 PM

Very cool bridge! SF is always here for you. Maybe you will all get to return some day!

My Party: Everly
Raleigh, NC

2/5/11 06:03 PM

Love the blanket! Would totally purchase one if you made it in adult size! :)

Maeve Rosalind's After the Rain Room
Nursery Tour

1/29/11 10:55 PM

Totally buying myself a set of these to do along side the 6 year old with his Star Wars legos. Mommy finally feels like playing!!

Legos for Food-Lovers: Village Bakery & Green Grocer
12/7/10 09:48 PM

So making these on 12/25!!

Brunch Recipe: Cinnamon-Cream Cheese Breakfast Bars
12/6/10 11:07 PM