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Nice warm colors, but it just seems over designed. Could use an edit in the chatchkees dept....
The couches look a little tired and delflated.
If the house had less things in it, and more monochromatic moments, it would have a bigger impact (ie one color for the fabric paneling). Aside from the posted opinions about this woman lovin' pad, which is a bold choice to live daily (but power to you for the point of view!), the Lolita poster is a great design. It would be interesting to see it placed elswhere, say in the kitchen or media room, where you can enjoy it throughout the day....

The nude photos are beautiful- but a more artful effect would be to have one very, very large print hanging as a focal point ( bigger than life sized), vs lots of small prints in a cluster.
If your gonna state it, then really put it out there.


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5/11/11 02:19 PM