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I set aside part of a shelf in the closet for myself for this purpose. I gave my sweetheart a medium sized wicker hamper next to her dresser. She tosses her semi-worn clothes near and on top of it every day and I fold them neatly and tuck them into the hamper so I don't have to look at them.

5 Ways to Keep Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes Organized
3/12/11 03:39 PM

A lovely house which in which you clearly take a lot of pride.

It makes me sad to see a sentence like this on Apartment Therapy, though: "The laziest guys from my high school are now dry-wallers, so it can't be that hard." Maybe that is your actual experience, but it feels disrespectful to the working people who make beautiful homes possible for many of us. As other posters have noted, "redneck" also carries a class connotation.

I think we can do better.

Hunter & Casie's "Redneck Modern" Eichler Home
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11/17/10 03:00 PM