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our vegan family just went beach camping with our non-vegan inlaws. hands-down, everyone's favorite meal of the week was when we all built our own foil dinners. the omnivores in the crowd put homemade burger patties in theirs with all the veggies. our family just used potatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms with a drizzle of olive oil (necessary if there won't be any meat juices) and some yummy seasonings (nutritional yeast, oregano, salt, pepper...). my husband added some field roast sausage that has been mentioned in earlier comments. you can find those at sprout's or whole foods and they cost around $5 for a pack of 4. our relatives wouldn't believe the apple sage sausage was meat-free until we showed them the label :) ten minutes on each side on the hot coals and they were done! the non vegans added cheese to the top of theirs and we all added ketchup. the veggies were all chopped in the morning before we headed down to the shore from the campsite, so all everyone had to do was assemble, cook, label with a sharpie & dig in! it was especially great for the kids in the group, including my toddler who gobbled up all the smoky, seasoned veggies. good luck and have a good time!

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8/1/12 05:29 PM

@ lisamfb- thanks for saying what we were all too scared to admit we were thinking...

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12/9/10 03:29 PM

I die for that rocking chair. It's exactly what I'm looking for in our nursery. Praying that it isn't thrifted. Does anyone know the source?

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11/17/10 10:00 PM

I have always loved chalkboard walls, but the empty frames with pictures drawn in make it so finished and family-oriented. I love that room. I would definitely use this look in my own home. VERY well done. Love your home- we need a full house tour!!!

Kat's Salvage Style
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11/17/10 01:25 PM

I had a few family members complain when I told them that I was going to try new recipes. The suggestion of a different type of pumpkin pie almost started a civil war. My solution? Head to costco the day before to buy them their "traditional" pie, and then make whatever I want :)

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11/16/10 07:33 PM