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These were created from ties that were culled out as seconds BEFORE the creosote process. No creosote on these! Check out their website for more info:

Wine Storage From Antique Railroad Supplies
4/21/11 03:07 AM

All recipes above treat inflammation, relieve aches and pains, and can draw out foreign objects (ie. splinters). The links provided explain a bit more about what each one does and there are some theories about what sorts of benefits they can provide, but I haven't come across a lot of conclusive evidence as far as what they do.

It's safe to say that poultices treat pain, inflammation, etc. because they generate heat. Different recipes can be useful depending on what you have in the fridge.

Soothe Aches and Pains With a DIY Poultice
3/9/11 06:10 PM

yeah this is a tough one. I've heard the microwave can use a lot less energy than cooking something on the stove - My instinct says there's no way it can be environmentally friendly, but it depends on what perspective is taken. Which one has a bigger carbon footprint? What about gas vs. electric stoves? What is the most environmentally friendly way to heat our food?

4 Other Uses for that Microwave
3/3/11 04:11 PM

are they made from old or new teddy bears?

Rugs by Augustina Woodgate: Made from Teddy Bears!
2/9/11 04:04 PM

yep! (see step 6)

How To Make Sprouts from Lentils
2/7/11 04:57 PM

knitting in a circle = knitting in the round. You can use circular or double pointed needles for that, or you can just knit a rectangle with straight needles and stitch it up with a crochet hook. For more info, check out yarn bombing: . For knitting in the round, try out youtube: Happy making!

Decorative Branches and Indoor Yarn Bombing
2/4/11 03:34 PM

amazing! I've been knitting forever, but I think this is the final push to learning crochet. and will be great for stash busting. Thanks for sharing!

DIY Eco Tawashi: Soap-Free Dishwashing!
Make: Projects

2/3/11 03:53 PM

@aftermath the key here is that the more acidic pH serves to balance the pH of your hair, as many of the shampoos we already use are more alkaline.

Simple Hair Cleanse: Apple Cider Vinegar
1/28/11 05:56 PM

I hear that seeing life in glass tanks can be unsettling, but the Vancouver Aquarium is a centre for marine research, conservation and marine animal rehabilitation.

Their dolphins and whales are actually more ethically treated than most facilities. Larger mammals are often recovering from adversity in these facilities - most rescued from entanglement in fishing nets and are often deemed unreleasable due to the extent of their injuries.

The aquarium has played a significant role in the ground-breaking wild killer whale research in BC. John Ford, a respected researcher who focuses on orca vocalizations, worked there for many years and they still fund a lot of the study.

The Vancouver Aquarium is much better than most.

Ocean Colors = Amazing Inspiration For Your Home
1/18/11 04:45 PM

The same designer who re-finished this house has just purchased a new one in North Vancouver (Canada), I can't wait to see how it comes out! He started a website for it:

Emily's Heritage House With a Modern Make-Over
Green House Call

11/16/10 06:52 PM

Thanks for posting! :)

Emily's Heritage House With a Modern Make-Over
Green House Call

11/16/10 06:45 PM