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Too many people have sacrificed their lives for the nation that the flag symbolized for it to be used as a drapery, of for someone to thoughtlessly dismiss the law with a "why not?"

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5/21/09 04:20 PM

Just as I would not serve my guest canned food from the can, I do not serve my liquors from the bottles that I buy them in. I use decanters. Not the heavy, cut crystal ones, but sleek, modern ones. Each one is different. You can find suitable ones at Crate & Barrel, Pier Nine and such shops, or visit the studio of a glassblower. Besides, no one but you needs to know what brand of Scotch or Vodka you're pouring: I'm assuming that it tastes good, right?

My father was a sportsman, and I inherited his set of decanters, each with a hunting scene hand cut into the heavy crystal. I keep them packed away, though: not quite to my taste, and I'm not a hunter.

By the way, I'm descended from Russian nobility... and I agree with Usbek de Perse: way to many aristocrats have no taste at all, or terrible taste at best. Money or ancestry cannot guarantee an "eye".

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3/30/09 05:41 PM

Poor Ivanka... she inherited her mother's looks and her father's taste.

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4/30/08 02:40 PM

It looks like galangal.

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2/29/08 09:24 AM