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Thought there should be a non-spam comment, and this cool small space is just the thing.

Get Out the (Small Cool) Vote: International Entries
5/1/11 11:54 AM

I have an extremely tight "foyer" and only had a maximum of 12" width and 4" depth out from the stairwell wall next to my coat closet's folding doors. (No, not possible to do pocket doors.) I wanted a small key/wallet/coffee cup landing strip. The usual small wall shelves were too heavy and exposed. Finally figured out I could hang a bamboo tissue box cover at rib level and avoided exposing the place where the hole (in the "top") hung on my 3M hook. I can put keys etc inside on a regular basis and the top is ready for whatever ad hoc need arises. Just looks like a nice bamboo cube on the wall facing me when I come in from the garage before I take off my coat.

Unexpected: Bathroom Storage Used in the Entryway
3/23/11 08:40 PM

My friend and I were wandering a large housewares store and came across chrome baskets that fit over the toilet tank and hang on the side. TP. Magazines. Handy storage solutions. Also, I keep a stash of TP under my guest sink but that's out of reach for someone indisposed, so I keep an extra "just enough" little roll next to the commode itself. I figure that's all you need in an OMG moment. Then later the guest can look under the sink and replace the depleted roll. (I've considered putting the tiny roll in a glass shadowbox on the wall, with a Break Glass In Case Of Emergency sign, but not everyone appreciates that humor)

Embarrassing Small Space Problems — Solved
2/16/11 10:02 PM

Even as a child, I had no problem editing, be it clothes, toys, books or records that I could put in the annual garage sale my parents' circle of friends consolidated every year. These days, it's just a habit, but highlights include: 3M hooks inside cabinet doors for any utensil with a hole in the handle; recycling bin on the garage wall next to the driver's side door, which is where I land with my junk mail; paperless billing/print/save as PDF/backup HD; over-the-door-hooks from the pantry to the br closets; sell magazines at Half Price Books as soon as I get a stack going ($ = cup o' coffee); and the standby, "Never leave a room empty-handed." At least one thing in that room needs to go back somewhere.

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Living Without Piles and Clutter
2/11/11 07:47 PM

Today I spotted the rare MCM listing that resembles MCM, and I would jump on it if I preferred darker wood. It reminds me of that in "A Single Man," but I'm sure that was much nicer. The $299 bedroom "suit." Ahem.

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/20/11 05:15 PM

The Crate and Barrel "tilt bowl" isn't exactly the same, but it's close.

5 Affordable Basics to Invest in for the New Year
12/19/10 11:32 AM