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Look closely around the chalkboard: to the left of it one can see the what appears to be the profile of an outside corner of the brick. And just above the chalkboard the brick pattern changes from end to end to side by side bricks suggesting an entryway, to the walkout that was in the before pic. So it would appear that a soffet was installed over the existing passage if for no other reason than to make space for more brick. And why not it's amazing! Also, often old schoolhouses that are used for different purposes or have been remodeled have stored in their basements stacks and stacks of old slate chalkboard partitions just like the one on the handsome barn door effect in the after pic. Mine is extremely heavy but I would give this a try if I could find the right hardware. Thanks for the inspiration!

Before & After: 70s Drab to Industrial Chic Fab Kitchen
5/4/11 10:31 AM

I like your use of that sun yellow color. But I also gotta ask... what kind of fridge is that? I love the shape and color and vintagey look, but also how it looks fairly new!

Design Minded Organization in a London Flat
3/28/11 11:18 PM


Tomas and Eric's Downtown Davinci Loft
House Tour

1/24/11 10:21 PM

Not suprised you had a hard time answering the 'whats your style' question, especially if at the moment your eyes happened to wander over to a SWEATER HANGING ON A DOOR!!! But still, I did find myself liking a few of your pieces, the settee, and definately the framed bag, good eye! This is how my studio looked - I have to admit - the first couple of years I lived in it. I wanted to incorporate everything: I loved it, and by God that was good enough for me. You don't know what you don't like yet. If you think you're proud of yourself now, I bet it looks twice as good in a year or so. Let us know when the garage sale is!! (Note to all: People need to stop saying "but that's just me!" You're qualifying yourself and it sounds like an apology. And if apologizing is called for, then do something about it!)

Savannah's Sophisticated Studio Apartment
House Tour

1/20/11 10:05 PM

In Kristin's picture (the last one) with the cat on the bed, just wondered if there was any info about the big blue square photograph print on the wall. It looks great.

Get Inspired: Ideas from Beautifully Organized Homes
1/5/11 08:51 PM

I couldnt help thinking the same thing. Fire drill. They are cute little fire hazards though, dontcha think?!

Centerpiece Ideas: Inspired by Weddings
11/16/10 03:40 AM