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you can also get an upright freezer with an ice maker, or get a second fridg w/ice maker in the freezer (take out the shelf) have all the ice you need for 400 - 800 dollars.

For Frequent Entertainers: Dedicated Kitchen Ice Makers
9/30/13 05:23 PM

the Pinsterest not working!

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9/11/13 08:26 PM

welcome to Pgh, enjoy the city.

Building Community: 5 Great Ways to
Meet Your Neighbors

8/28/13 04:38 PM

and you can use it when posting to AT.

Sensopia has Magicplan, an iphone and ipad app that creates a plan based off images of the room. They expect an Android version soon. But now you can use Floor Plan Creator from the Google play store.

Day 5: Make a Floor Plan Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/7/13 11:14 AM

I would splurge on the furniture, it will make a big impact. Every time I walked into the room , I would fell better. Then fill-in with paint, smaller furniture and accessories later.

Budgeting for a Room: Splurge or Spread the Wealth?
7/26/13 05:01 PM

could you at least copy and past the short description for each book.

Behind the Monthly Bills: Histories of Utilities
5/30/13 11:50 AM

MCross - I said the same thing to my husband "No function? Get off my bed!"

How Many Pillows is Too Many?
5/13/13 07:13 PM

to beat the kids :-)

Just kidding, it is to tie them up!

10 Reuses for Old Leather Belts at Home
4/23/13 05:59 PM

I would make the living room a bedroom with access from the hall. then make the bedroom opposite the kitchen the living room with a direct connection to the game room (keeping the bookcase dr, love it). Open the corner of the new living room at the lower right corner, line of sight from the entrance, if you want an completely open concept, open the wall between the kitchen and new living.

What To Do with \"Tacked-On\" Room? Good Questions
4/22/13 12:13 PM

love the image under the table. Great idea.

How To Convert the Dining Table Into a Desk Workspace
3/18/13 03:34 PM

it sound like you need a place for shirts, so shirts. Thinks of it this way, you are so out of ideas you are soliciting ideas for strangers.

How To Make the Most of Cubby Space? Good Questions
2/21/13 09:52 AM

also Habitat for humanity at Edgewood town center

Secondhand Rehab: 10 Architectural Salvage Stores
2/19/13 12:49 AM

A floor plan would be nice to see how the room with no windows fits in.

Before & After: Matthew Patrick Smyth at Designer Visions
2/11/13 02:59 PM

Then why does everyone paint them white, of all colors?

Rustic Beauty Overhead: Wood Ceilings
2/5/13 10:48 PM

or Rolling Rock...

Address Unknown: Choose Your Address Carefully Final Frame
1/22/13 03:20 PM

Really, Thank god AT let me know what I need to clean. I just moved from Mars, we don't have dirt.

10 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have
1/16/13 03:39 PM

This is an ad and should be labeled as such. A better approach wold have been advice from each featured company, say the most common problem a client faces. The ad still gets out. An alternate approach would be what to look for when considering a professional organizer or maybe what has been your experience with professional organizers.

Bring in an Expert: Professional Organizers
1/5/13 10:32 AM

I also agree on home automation, we have been hearing about it for years, with tablets as a interface I am hoping the time has come. AT please include more home automation user reviews.
Next it would be the ultra HD projector, love to sit close to a big screen.

Which Technologies Are You Looking Forward To In the New Year?
1/2/13 10:39 PM

dear blogger, please write real information, with maybe some opinion. Did you use the devices, have read multiple reviews and provided a synopsized. I can google a topic and list the links. I was expecting more than a list, very disappointing.

The Future is Now: Keyless Door Locks
12/19/12 08:48 PM

follow up...
per "End-Use Energy Share by Sector" based on values for 2008.
Transportation uses 31%
Industrial uses 12%
Commercial uses 29%
Residential uses 28%

So, although any gain is a gain, you have some other bigger and easier to catch fish to fry.

Drive-By Thermal Imaging While You Sleep Design News 12.19.12
12/19/12 08:20 PM